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This review is about the perfect glue-like resin figures, plastic-metal model kits, Warhammer, pewter & supercar Models. Let’s catch up. Without having the perfect glue for miniatures into the pocket you can’t repair your costly Warhammer & dollhouse

Things to Consider Before buying 

Scale Model: There are various scale models. They are in a huge variety. As they are similar to real-life objects. It helps people to figure out their actual sketches. It is basically a graph of a building or a certain project. They are made in a very fine way and are painted too so they can represent the actual scale model. There are various products used in the models depending upon the miniature you use. 

Architectural model: It is perfect for people who have studied architecture and are familiar with all the products and knowledge of miniatures. These models are designed according to the graph. It not only has a building, it contains all the parks, rooms, windows, estate, and industrial areas as well. 

Model Figurines: These models represent animals, human beings, birds, etc. People love to purchase small miniatures and place them in their homes for decoration purposes.

Best Glue For Miniatures 2022

Here is the list of top Glue

Star bond Super-Fast Thin CA10 [Editor's Choice]
Bob Smith Industries BSI-2058.5
J-B Weld Professional Size8
Testors Cement7.5
TAMIYA 87038 Extra Thin Cement7
The Army Painterr Glue8
Games Workshop Citadel Plastic Glue 7
Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue7.5
Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue7
Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue 7

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1. Star bond Super-Fast Thin CA

Why do we like it? 

  • It sets very quickly as drying time is almost 20 seconds. 
  • It is long lasting because of its thick viscosity. 
  • Way too thicker than other glues which is very good. 
  • It has anti-clog caps which means your glue won’t stuck at any point. 
✅Strong holding grip❌Little bit toxic
✅Long lasting shelf life with clog-free stopper
✅Thin viscosity

This glue is very adhesive and is perfect for all sorts of models. Having this glue is a great advantage as it consumes less time and works very efficiently. This is among the best glue and one of the topmost selling products. It joins very quickly and once dried it gives an amazing look. If you are a huge fan of miniatures this Star bond Super-Fast Thin CA is going to be the all-time favorite glue of yours. It has been tested multiple times to check how durable it is and every single time it has proved its worth. It can easily repair all the damaged parts as well just by using this glue.  

If you are looking for miniature glue, Doll Houses, and other costly sculptures then Star bond Super-Fast is the best choice. Which comes with thin viscosity and reasonable cost and has Perfect accuracy.

Strong holding grip

Star bond stabilizes

The topmost feature that I like about this glue is its strong holding grip. Because it contains Ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive which comes among the highly-strung adhesives. Now you can easily trust it while repairing your models and miniatures.

Thin Viscosity

Another top-notch feature about Starbond EM-02 Super-Fast Thin CA Glue is its thin viscosity. With the help of it, you can easily fill the crack of your miniatures and models. In this way, you can keep the dignity of your precious sculpture.

Although it comes with thin viscosity it doesn’t mean that it can’t sit on the vertical spaces. Truly it works perfectly on the vertical surface you don’t need to worry about that. Besides, it can reach the depth of the crack and completely heal it, where a thick viscosity glue can’t reach it.

Therefore it helps you a lot in repairing the miniatures and models. There is no need to buy a new dollhouse or other toys for your kids when you can repair them by yourself. As it comes in thin viscosity it will help you a lot in healing porous material.

Long-lasting shelf life with clog-free stopper

In addition, this perfect glue for miniatures comes with a clog-free stopper which gives you long-lasting shelf life. Which means that it doesn’t dry after one use like most of the adhesive. Moreover, it saves your money and whenever there is a need you can use it easily.

Furthermore, the stopper is clog-free which means it doesn’t allow the glue to freeze at the stopper. Definitely, it’s a one-time investment, until and unless it doesn’t finish. You can store this super glue in a cold environment for many years. Moreover, after use, it can be kept store able for two years.


If we talk about its diversity then it works perfectly on every type of miniature. Moreover, whether you are making plastic dollhouses or working on wood miniatures, it doesn’t disappoint you.

Truly it works perfectly on

  • Wood miniatures
  • Metal miniatures
  • Rubber miniatures
  • Leather miniatures
  • Ceramics miniatures
  • Gemstones miniatures
  • Rocks & Minerals miniatures
  • Carbon Fiber miniatures
  • Fiberglass miniatures
  • Perfectly work on PVC
  • Suitable glue on Plastic miniatures

Perfect accuracy with micro-tips

If you are tired of being messy with the glue then you wouldn’t get messy again with this glue. Besides, it comes with micro-tips for precision which gives you perfect accuracy as well as keeps your work neat and clean. Now you can focus your target more rather than applying the glue on the irrelevant portion

Pocket size

This is one of the greatest glues which you keep easily in your pocket make it easy to use. Moreover, you can keep it with you while traveling. Furthermore, it is user-friendly if you are working on more than one project at a time, you can move it anywhere.

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2. Bob Smith Industries BSI-205 Perfect Glue for Resin Figures (Clear Slow-Cure Epoxy)

Why do we like it? 

  • It can easily go with both heat and cold. So you don’t have to wait for your product to move somewhere where there is heat.
  • It is nontoxic. If you are asthmatic you need to make sure you don’t get any allergies because of the strong scents. 
  • Fumes are not very dangerous but still always wear a mask before applying. 
  • It is water-soluble so whenever you clean it with a cloth it won’t wear away.
✅Epoxy type strong glue❌Takes little bit more time. But it’s ok if you are working on large project.
✅Slow cure
✅White Foam
✅Dries to clear

This glue is crystal clear and is long-lasting. Once applied, miniatures are going to stay the same for years. It is perfect for all sorts of materials. When applied it gives a smooth surface. You need to be very vigilant while handing the glue. In case you have sensitive skin don’t use it directly make sure you wear gloves prior. It can easily be used for professional projects as well. Time and again this Bob Smith Industries BSI-205 Perfect Glue is said to be the best among all other glues just because of its amazing qualities and versatile design of the bottles. Having this glue is going to be the best decision so far. 

Bob Smith Industries is another well-known brand that produces miniature glue and its Slow-Cure Epoxy is one of them. Moreover, if you are looking for epoxy glue for plastic miniatures & models that come with a slow cure and have industrial-grade bonding then it is a nice choice.

Epoxy type strong glue

Bob Smith Industries BSI-205 bottle design

As it is epoxy type wood glue so it comes in two tubes which give you a strong bonding. One tube contains a hardener and the other tube contains resin. You have to first mix this well before use. Truly you wouldn’t find such strong adhesive.

This is basically to give you industrial strength which you can use it at your workshop confidently.

Slow cure

Now you can take the next level benefit with this glue that is its slow cure. With this, you can easily reposition your miniatures pieces or other materials which you have combined wrongly. Truly it would save your time if you are working on large projects where you have to combine a large number of pieces together.

Furthermore, it takes 30 minutes to dry and it takes 8 hours to completely heal. Which provides you with more working time in which you can easily set your material.


Moreover, if you are repairing a faucet or even fixing your shower then it is the best choice. This is all because of its water-resistant feature. With confidence, you can use it where there is a danger of water. Damage.

White Foam

Furthermore, it comes out in white foam which aids you a lot if you are working on glass miniatures. You can easily see what is happening behind the white foam. Besides, it would keep the dignity of your glass sculpture.


It would perfectly work on these materials as well.

  • Hard plastic
  • Laminating
  • Hard plastic
  • Softwood
  • Balsa wood
  • Fiber glass
  • Hardwood
  • maple work bench

Moreover personally, I think that if you are gluing plastic miniatures you can’t find such as some other adhesive like this.

Dries to clear

Obviously, you don’t trust any adhesive easily if you are preparing your costly and favorite thing. Comparatively, to others, you can truly trust it because it dries into clear color. Moreover, it keeps the honor of your favorite sculpture.

3. J-B Weld Professional Size

Why do we like it? 

  • It has a smooth consistency which makes it look more amazing. 
  • It is nonacidic so in case it comes in contact with your food you don’t have to worry. 
  • It dries very quickly which is the best as it saves a lot of time.
  • It is resistant to yellowing. Which helps maintain a decent look
✅Strongest glue for metal miniatures❌Takes little bit more time
✅Modifiable permanent bond
✅Two-part epoxy system
✅Highly strong holding power

This glue is used by proper professionals. This is said to be the gap filler glue as it leaves no place where glue hasn’t reached. Once it dries it doesn’t leave any residue or yellowish layer. It at times gets dried very quickly if not taken proper care. This glue is very natural and durable which is why it’s in huge demand. This is one the topmost ranking these days because of its amazing features. So in case you are in search of a glue that is economical and stays longer go grab this one. 

If you are looking the glue that gives you industrial-grade power; then J-B Weld Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy Glue is the best choice which works as a superglue on metal

Two-part epoxy system

J-B Weld Professional Size how to mix

The top-notch feature of this glue is that it works on a two-part epoxy system. Which allows you to use this at the industrial level and give you highly strong bonding. In this epoxy system, one is a hardener and the other is a resin, which mixes together to provide you a strong polymer chain.

Moreover, this two-part epoxy comes in two tubes separately you have to mix them well in equal ratio before use. We can call it a resin glue type also.

Highly strong holding power

As it is the epoxy glue for metal models which provides you extremely highly strong holding power for repairing your miniatures. Truly you would not be such a strong wood glue type that provides you industrial-strength power. Besides if we compare it to Polyurethane glue it’s extremely strong because it contains metal particles inside

It provides you 5020 -PSI of holding strength, which is enough for your miniatures and crafting work.

Modifiable permanent bond

Another amazing thing about this adhesive is that its bond is Modifiable. What does it mean? It’s mean that the bond is easily shapeable. Whether you want to drill in it or failed, you can easily do it.


Let’s talk about its diversity. If you think that it is the best glue for miniatures only then you are obviously wrong. Truly, you can keep it in your pocket while doing plumbing work, automotive, or even doing household repairing.

Furthermore, it’s easily applicable on Brick, Concrete as well as it is the perfect metal glue. Is anything left that you want from this adhesive? On further, I have personally used it on my car bumper and it really gave an original look.

Industrial level usage

As I told you at the start that it is an epoxy adhesive so you can easily use it at the industrial level if you are a worker. Even if you are doing marine work you can easily trust it. Besides this, it can move your crafting work to the next level.

Fast curable

At the industrial level, I don’t think that there is such glue available that provides fast healing. It requires just 4-6 hours for forming a bond. Moreover, if you want complete heal and a strong bond you need to wait for just 15-24 hours.

Resistant against high temperature

Furthermore, it’s highly resistant to high temperatures. And it can bear temperature up to 550ºF temperature. Which you can easily use on the frypan, burner, and other cooking utensil easily.

Dark Gray cure color

If you are assembling miniatures and repairing sculpture then it gives you benefit because it dries into dark grey color.

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4. Testors Cement

Why do we like it? 

  • It has the ability to dry naturally. All you need to do is apply glue and wait for it to settle. 
  • It is water-resistant so don’t worry about its damage.
  • It has high liquidity which is best as all the glue will flow to the affected areas.
  •  It has thick viscosity, meaning it can be sustained for a longer period of time 
✅Thick consistency❌N/A
✅Fast dry
✅Easily cleanse tip

This glue is amazing. Its nozzles help in reaching the glue deep inside the miniature or products. It makes the product look very amazing. Also, the bottle is huge in size and is acid-free. The viscosity is beyond amazing.  It is perfectly safe to use. This glue is a top pick when it comes to having the best glue in hand. Once purchased you can use it for years and the glue will still be fresh. When you make a miniature model by using this glue it will look exactly like it’s factory made. It gives a superb finishing to your product. Once pieces are glued together you can’t break them apart no matter how much force you apply to them. 

If you are looking for the best miniature glue in thicker consistency then TESTORS CEMENT GLUE is another option for you. Definitely, if you are a plastic model builder then it wouldn’t disappoint you.

Strong & Durable bond

Besides it not just give you a strong bond but also gives you lifetime durability. This means the bond doesn’t get weak with the passes of time.

Thick consistency

A top-notch feature of this adhesive that I like is its thick viscosity. Truly, this tester model glue comes in thick viscosity which makes it best for fixing your plastic miniatures or making plastic models. Moreover, its thick consistency makes it easy to use and easy to handle.

Now if you are combining plastic to plastic small pieces you wouldn’t get any mess.

Fast dry

Testors Cement works for any project

Among the cement adhesive, it is the best one that gives you fast healing. Now you can complete your plastic model before the given time. Truly it would save your time if you are repairing your plastic miniatures

You just need to hold it for 20 seconds only which would make it dry. After that, it takes round about eight hours for complete heal.


Let us check out its diversity. Truly it works best for metal to wood, plastic to wood, and metal to plastic and metal on metal glue. Besides, according to my opinion, you wouldn’t find such perfect glue for models making as this one,

Compact shape

I have personally really liked its compact shape which I can easily put into my pocket. Moreover, I can easily take it to them anywhere there is a need. The topmost feature is that I can keep it close to myself during traveling. If you are a plumber or other home’s service provider then its little size gives you benefits

Easily cleanse tip

The tip of this glue is very top-notch which gives it accuracy. Moreover, the tip is easily cleanable with the tissue paper you wouldn’t get any mess. Besides, it keeps the flow of the glue in control. In this way, it doesn’t allow the glue to get wasted.

5. TAMIYA 87038 Extra Thin Cement – Glue for Warhammer Miniatures (Fine Tip 40ml)

Why do we like it? 

  • It is waterproof and is safe from all other products. 
  • Applicator tip is installed for quick application. So it easily saves your time. 
  • It has a powerful adhesive bond which makes the product look more versatile.
  • It doesn’t react with other chemicals.
✅Cement type strong adhesive❌N/A
✅Extra thin consistency
✅Act as a filler
✅Fine tip brush

It can easily be used on any kind of material or product. Once joined the miniature with this glue if you put it underwater it won’t affect. It will keep it as strong as it was in the beginning. This glue is perfect for beginners and for professionals as well. This glue is going to work for everyone. This glue is going to be your best pick so far. This glue really earns a lot of appreciation because of its compatibility. The bottle has some extra glue in it which is why it is worth buying. Also, this glue doesn’t bleed as once you have applied it and joined some parts it won’t fall out from anywhere. 

Extra thin consistency

TAMIYA 87038 Extra easy to use

Among all other cement glue, it is one of the glues that comes in extra thin consistency. Now you can easily coat your model and make them hard. Although it comes in thin consistency it doesn’t mean that it flows anywhere on the material. Therefore you can easily use it on miniatures or other small structural materials and sculptures.

Act as a filler

As it comes in extra thin viscosity so which it works as a filler. Therefore you can easily fill the cracking in the miniatures and prevent them from breaking. Moreover, it can easily get in between the plastic and make them combine where the other thick consistency glue couldn’t work

Smooth flow

I was personally really inspired by this miniatures adhesive when I was filling the gap of my plastic miniatures. It was flowing smoothly between the gaps and just after a few second, it healed completely.

Comparatively best choice than MEK solvent

According to me, it is the best choice if I compared it to the MEK solvent because it is easy to handle. Besides this MEK comes insolvent from which you can’t handle and use easily.

Fine tip brush

Another amazing thing about this extra thin cement is that it comes with a fine tip brush. Therefore you don’t need another thing while applying it to the material. Besides this, it increases the accuracy. Moreover, you can easily fill the cracking of the miniatures


Furthermore, its diversity makes it different from other adhesives present in the market. Whether you are combining plastic with plastic or polystyrene plastic or even if you are working on miniatures, it works perfectly.

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6. The Army Painter Super Glue

Why do we like it? 

  1. It dries very quickly and gives you a sleek shiny look.  
  2. It can be reused again multiple times.  
  3. It has Gel-like formula which makes the glue very unique. 
  4. It creates long-lasting bonds because of its viscosity. 
✅It has long term guaranty ❌Using it in smaller quantities is a bit difficult. 
✅It has low fumes. ❌It is a bit expensive. 

When it comes to building huge models and frames then using this Army Painter Super Glue is the best decision. It fixes two surfaces together which can never be separated as the bond is way too strong. 

In-Depth Details

The Army Painter Super Glue how to open

If you want a fine quality glue that keeps your models stay long-lasting then without a doubt go for this glue. Also, this glue is flammable so you have to be extra careful while using it. It dries very quickly so you don’t have to wait for hours to get it dried. You can easily apply this glue in any direction. When the glue is used the pieces get joined with a strong bond. Also, the size of the nozzle is of great.

Why Get this

This glue also has no run application. It can easily bond with every product which can be gelled with glue. The properties in this glue are very amazing and that is the main reason that makes the glue more versatile. This glue is going to serve you according to your requirements and needs. 

7. Games Workshop Citadel Plastic Glue 

Why do we like it? 

  • It has a thick viscosity structure which keeps the bond stronger for a longer time period. 
  • Glue is very much flexible and can be used frequently.  
  • This glue easily fits in all the tiny spaces with the help of fine-quality nozzles.  
  • It has various tips included in the package which is why it’s worth buying.
✅Inexpensive  ❌Harmful fumes  
✅Perfect for all sorts of materials ❌Takes time to settle

Since this glue has been launched in the market. It comes with 2 nozzles in the pack. With the help of nozzles, you can easily apply glue. You can simply join plastic or metal miniatures by using Games Workshop Citadel Plastic Glue.

In-Depth Details

This glue is perfect and quite versatile as it is very thick and it attaches the products together. Having this glue is a great decision as it is a multipurpose glue. It dries very quickly and gives a fine clean and sleek look to your miniature. It is very reliable and the shelf life of this glue is long-lasting. The color of the glue is yellow and when it gets dry it leaves a color like sand.

Why Get this

Games Workshop Citadel Plastic Glue how to apply

The packaging is very unique and can easily be used in temperatures ranging from 55 degrees to 79 degrees. This glue is nontoxic and nonflammable so it is one of the perfect glue to purchase. It easily settles within 10 minutes. Time duration can at times increase up to 30 minutes depending upon the temperature. 

8. Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue Gel

Why do we like it? 

  • It includes microchip filings which means that its tip is going to be very tiny. 
  • The finishing of this glue is very neat which is the main reason for this glue being one of the most used glues around the globe. 
  • It is easily suitable for all types of miniatures either big or small. 
  • It can easily be used by children at home. Simply read the instructions and start applying them. 
✅Safe and versatile.  ❌At times it gets peeled from the surfaces.  
✅Can be used on all kinds of surfaces. ❌It has a bit of a technical way to apply. 

Gorilla is one of the best brands of glue that are used for miniatures. Their super glues are on the top-selling item of their brand. When you are working with models of a larger scale than this Super Glue is perfect. 

In-Depth Details

It is perfect to use for vertical surfaces. It is not suitable for plastic but is also perfect for model miniatures. It is veritable in design. Only the negative thing about this glue is that it has a very strong scent.  People like this glue not because it is easy to use but also because it is very easy to use and is quite reliable and durable.

Why Get this

Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue any surface is a go

Also, the applicators used in these glues are very amazing and do not clog anywhere throughout the fixing process. Also, the glue dries within seconds. This is one of the biggest reasons to love this glue and purchase it without any second thought.

9. Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue

Why do we like it? 

  • It has water proof sealing which keeps the product brand new.  
  • It has a quick drying time which means it can save alot of time and energy of yours .  
  • It forms a strong bond because of its great quality viscosity. 
  • It gives a sleek look to the miniature after use. So always use this glue. 
✅Durable and long lasting  ❌Takes a bit extra time to dry. 
✅Budget friendly ❌If a connection is made with water then glue will dissolve instantly. 

This glue is best for miniatures. It gives a strong and durable bond to the product. You can use the glue for up to 3 months. It won’t dry or expire at all. This glue is perfect for wood, plastic, and metal.

In-Depth Details

Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue for art projects

The thick substance of the glue makes it more reliable and durable. The glue is way too flexible as it can be applied anywhere. Also, the tip is very fine because it helps the glue to reach every small area or point. In case after years you find some piece is detaching you can just apply one drop of glue and you are good to go. 

Why Get this

You should surely purchase this glue if you are a fan of keeping miniatures at your home. This glue is going to help you in combining it. You can reuse it for collectible sets. It is worth buying because one bottle can help you in joining almost 50 miniatures.

10. Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) Super Glue 

Why do we like it? 

  • It dries quite quickly and doesn’t leave any stains.  
  • It is perfect for building or repeating miniatures. 
  • The bond of the glue remains long-lasting.  
  • This glue is nontoxic so won’t get any allergies from it. 
✅Easy to use.  ❌Clogs 
✅Inexpensive ❌At times it may not work properly on dry surfaces. 

In case you are in search of a thin glue this professional Grade Cyanoacrylate Super Glue should be your first priority. As it helps in sealing and stabilizing your miniatures.

In-Depth Details

After joining the products it gives a glossy look to your miniatures. It can be used for the long term as when you purchase the product you get a whole package filled with stuff according to the glue. This glue is literally a lifesaver for people who are a die heart fans of miniatures.

Why Get this

Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate for all surfaces

This glue is very amazing as it not only helps in fixing the miniature, it also penetrates deep into the spaces and fills the glue. Also, the best thing about this glue is it is perfect for both wood and plastic. It is also free from acid and PVC products.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing any glue you should always keep in mind what things you should look for. Here below is the detailed buying guide


Always do prior research on which glue you want. You can search around the market which glue is the most top-selling. Always read the pros and cons of reviews of the product before purchasing. 


Make sure the glue you opt for miniatures is compatible with the products. 


Always be careful while using the glue. So opt for the one which is safe for your skin. Always purchase latex gloves when you purchase any glue.  


Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind while using glue for miniature.  

  1. Don’t always rush to join all the parts and make a model. Always remember the more time you will take, the more joy you will have fixing the miniature. 
  2. Always opt for a place that is spacious and well ventilated. A few types of glue have a very strong scent which can be dangerous for you if you inhale it. 
  3. Always wear gloves before using the glue. You can take help from tweezers. Once you have applied glue use something to hold the other part and stick on it. You can use a needle or a dropper as well. 
  4. Before applying glue and fixing it. Try to put the other part and check if it can easily be fitted here. Once you are sure enough then apply glue because once it’s applied it can’t be undone. 
  5. Keeping all the parts safe you can put them in small containers. It will save a lot of time and energy. 
  6. When you apply glue and pit the part of the miniature, wait for a couple of minutes to settle it down. 
  7. In case you have accidentally foxed the wrong parts, quickly run it under the water and try to take it off in a very slow motion. Don’t push hard else it will break your entire miniature.


Where we have learned about the adhesives for miniatures like resin figures, plastic-metal model kits, Warhammer, pewter and super car Models.

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