dcd790 vs dcd791

Drilling presses or drilling machines are helpful in household tools, especially when there is a requirement in making small holes etc. You need to find a suitable drill machine at the household level for your convenience. Various brands in the market offer tools for this outcome. We have compared the two best options in the market for you. We have dewalt dcd790 vs dcd791 on the list. The brand DEWALT offers both the drill tools. 


We find various reviews in the market, such as Dewalt dcd790 review or dcd791 Dewalt review. Customers’ suggestions are usually helpful while making a purchase. Customers consider Dewalt dcd790 manual, Dewalt dcd790 switch, and dcd790 parts convenient. Its 20-second trigger release delay LED light feature removes the shadow of the chuck, and the grip of the hand chuck is one of its excellent specs.

Dewalt DCD790 vs DCD791 Comparison

Dewalt Product
DCD790 DCD791
Peak Power 360UWO 460UWO
Accessories ½” Drill or Driver, Charger, On-board bit holder, belt hook, and kit box.  Belt hook
Application Speed 33% 30%
Front to Back Measurement 7.2” 6.9”
Weight 3.5lbs 3.4lbs
No-load Speed 0-600 to 0-2000 RPM 0-550 to 0-2000 RPM
LED light feature The 20-second trigger release delay  20-minute shutoff function

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Both tools have a metal ratcheting chuck type and are cordless power tool types. While looking into Dewalt dcd790 parts, we find the system capacity of 20V MAX in it as same as in Dewalt dcd791 manual. Taladro Dewalt dcd790 also offers a Belt Hook, which is also present in dcd 791 in the accessory box. Dewalt also introduces the two-speed settings in both of the tools. There are fifteen clutch settings available for both of the devices. Another raised question is, “are Dewalt 20v batteries interchangeable with Milwaukee”. Our response is “yes”. 

Similarities with other

We have also compared the mentioned tools with the existing articles based on the power. Dewalt dcd777 vs dcd791 gives us the conviction that it has 340UWO and 460 UWO, respectively. 

Comparison Power (Unit Watts Out) respectively
Dewalt dcd777 vs dcd791 340UWO and 460 UWO, respectively
Dewalt dcd790 vs dcd791 360UWO and 460 UWO, respectively
Dewalt dcd996 vs dcd791 820UWO and 460 UWO, respectively
Dewalt dcd708 vs dcd791 340UWO and 460 UWO, respectively

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The price decides what the consumer wants to buy. The Dewalt dcd790 price ranges from $172.99 to $229.00. At the same time, the cost of Dewalt dcd791 extends from $126.99 to $159.00. So, after comparing both of them, we see, your requirement decides what product you want to buy. But out of two of the drillers, we see dcd790 as a better product. 

Dewalt DCD 790 v DCD 791

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