Dcd791 vs Dcd796

In power tools, looking for a driller is the most challenging task. It is a matter of money. The purpose of these drillers is to make small holes where necessary, build things, and screwing stuff, etc. they are widely used on wood or metal facades. Drillers are helpful because hiring another man for this purpose is costly and will waste your time a lot. We are hunting for the best product for you so that your money does not go in vain.

Both the DeWALT drillers are providing the best to consumers, but the comparison makes it quite convenient for the customers. 


Talking about the differences of both the tools, the most general but essential factor is the weight. Dcd791 weighs 3.4lbs, while the weight of dcd796 is 3.6lbs. Weight of hand drills matters. So weight is a significant factor while comparing. The length of dcd791 is 6.9″ whereas 7.5″ is for dcd796.

The other feature that we notice is that the dcd796 lacks a side grip. Side grip allows better grip while drilling. So dcd791 makes itself more convenient for users in contrast with dcd796. 

Dcd791 vs Dcd796 Comparison

DeWALT Product

DCD791 DCD796
Brushless technology Yes Yes
cordless Yes Yes
LED Yes (20-minute shutoff function) Yes (20 times brighter)
Two Speed Settings Available  Available 
Length 6.9” front to back 7.5” front to back
Battery a 20V battery is present. A 20V battery is current.
Side Grip Present Absent
RPM 0 to 550 RPM and 0 to 2000 RPM  0 to 550 RPM and 0 to 2000 RPM 
Cell Type Lithiums based Lithium-based

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DCD 791 review

Dewalt dcd791 manual suggests it as a simple tool possessing Dewalt dcd791 parts such as a Lithium ion-based battery, battery packs of DCB203, charger, kit pack, and a belt hook. We find the speed of dcd79, 2000RPM. Two turn settings are available in which the tool stands at 0-500 RPM in the first turn and 0-2000 RPM in the second turn. Its work capacity is raised to 57%. Three LED light technologies are built inside it, possessing an exclusive spotlight feature. A 20 V battery is present to support the brushless motor technology. Dewalt dcd791 chuck replacement is an additional feature as well. 

Pros Cons
✅Robust metal is used for the manufacturing of its exterior and chuck. ❌Remains of the dcd791 drill generally descend.
✅More firm handling because of two-speed settings.
✅Extensive battery life.
✅Comes with a rubberized stem.
✅Three LED lights for better illumination.

DCD 796 review

Dcd796 specs make it a better option than dcd791. However, we are not contrasting both of them. dcd796 vs dcd791 is discussed later here. We find it lightweight with only 3.6″ lbs and 7.5″ front to back exterior. A 2.0 AMPS battery supports dcd796 torque, and the dcd796 hammer drill has a chuck size of ½”. Metal ratcheting covers the tool completely. Working in the dark is more accessible by installing LEDs with twenty minutes of shutoff. This Lithium-ion hand drill comes with dcd796 parts such as kit box, belt hook, dcd796 chuck, charger, battery supplies, and a compact drill delivering two-speed settings and with advanced technology promising a 30% faster drill experience. 

Pros Cons
✅Light in weight with a suitable design. ❌Side handgrip is absent in this model. 
✅Supported with a battery of 2.0V.
✅½” chuck size.
✅The brand provides three years of assurance.


Both the tools were introduced by DeWALT and are cordless. Cordless refers to the fact that the device is not directly connected to the battery supplies. We find it more convenient as there are batteries inside it fulfilling the electrical requirement of the tools. We also see a similarity that the battery used in both devices are lithium-based and has two-speed settings. In dcd791, chuck is made of ½” metal ratcheting, the same as dcd796d2. Both are working on brushless technology, making the tools 57% more advanced than the brushed ones. 

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In contrast to other tools

Other hand drills are also available at the market. So you should have a glance at them as well.

dcd790 vs dcd791

Dcd 790, manufactured in the United States of America, has a 20V battery supply and is a convenient tool. 0 RPM to 600 RPM is the first-speed setting, while 0 RPM to 2000 RPM is the second. At the same time, dcd791 is the updated version of the dcd790 with the most upgraded features. 

dcd708 vs dcd791 

The 6.3 inches and 2.4 lbs body of dcd708 provides 0-450 RPM and 0-1650 RPM in contrast with the dcd 791, which has the capacity of 0-500 RPM and 0-2000 RPM. 

dcd777 vs dcd791

Two Lithium-ion batteries are present in dcd777, which has a torque of five hundred inches per pound and weighs 2.6 pounds. While talking about its speed, we find that 1750 RPM is the maximum speed of dcd777, whereas dcd791 has a maximum speed of 2000 RPM.

dcd796b vs dcd996b

dcd796 vs 996 is also viewed frequently. Having dimensions of 4x10x8 inches, dcd996b comes with a weight of 4 pounds. In comparison to dcd796, dcd996b needs only a single battery supply. Carbide is present in dcd996b for a firm grip. Therefore, the chunk is wrapped in a nitro-based carburized metal.

Which is better?

Dewalt drill dcd791 and dcd796 Dewalt drill vary slightly. Therefore, both are good options for consumers. However, customers like the dcd791 version because of the side handgrip. If you are not a professional and working domestically, the side handgrip ensures your safety and firm grip. Therefore while doing a simple domestic task, Dewalt dcd791 review suggests it is a better choice, whereas a heavy-duty study needs an upgraded version of a hand drill, and we recommend dcd796 for such a chore.

Dewalt DCD796 & DCD791 Compact Hammer Drill & Drill Driver review

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