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An effect driver is among the main things a jack of all trades considers purchasing on account of its power and adaptability. It can assist you with achieving a few driving and penetrating errands. These are designed for hammering carriage nails or lengthy deck nails into wood, as well as driving nails into metallic and anchoring large nails into brick dividers. Power apparatuses named DCF is Dewalt’s line of effect drivers and wrenches intended to offer you the productivity needed to play out the referenced assignments.

The Dewalt DCF887 versus DCF887b is a portion of the effect drivers/torques by Dewalt. The letter B at the end of the model denotes that it is a bare tool that does not come with a battery, charger, or other accessories.

Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF887b Comparison

Dewalt DCF887 DCF887B
Motor Brushless Motor Brushless Motor
Torque 205 Newton Meters 205 Newton Meters
RPM 3250 3250
IPM 3800 3800
Speed setting 3-speed setting options 4 speed setting options
Length 5.3 inches 5.3 inches
Weight 2 lbs. 2.0 lbs.
Ratings 4.8 on Amazon 4.8 on Amazon

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Plan and Construct

As far as to look, sway drivers are no special case from the absence of standard principles of how they should look. Since they’re all from a similar maker, they accompany a similar Dewalt look with the always present yellow and dark tones. They’re both cordless and utilize battery-powered 20V lithium-particle batteries. On toss size, the two of them utilize a ¼ inch hurl for holding the pieces and screw bits set up without a key. A brushless engine can likewise be found on the two models giving you productivity and more runtime. They likewise accompany Drove lights for brightening.

The Dewalt DCF887b crawl at 12.5 x 3.75 x 9.81 Inches, weighs 2.8 pounds without a battery and has a Back-to-front body height of 5.55 inches. It additionally includes a solitary Drove light and uses a solitary Lithium-particle battery for power. Dewalt DCF887 is made with 2 Lithium Batteries which has 2 pounds weight and 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches size with a length of 5.3 inches from back to front with included 3 led bulb for brightness.

Performance and Speed

Dewalt DCF887 conveys a force of 1500 inches/pounds and most extreme paces of 2800 cycles each moment (RPM) and 3200 effects each moment (IPM) utilizing a variable trigger to drive those carriage fasteners and long deck screws into any wood just as substantial screws into any divider. Dewalt DCF887b has 100 RMP speed with no load and also has two batteries with is incredibly fast charger it also has a speed controller in setting to set up the speed. As though that is not all, it additionally conveys a greatest force of 1825 in-lbs to deal with any screw driving errands inside its reach. In comparison to the DCF887, the Dewalt DCF887b has more speed settings, a greater speed, and a comparatively higher torque, as well as 3 Led bulbs.

Extra accessories

The two models accompany frill in the set. The Dewalt DCF887 accompanies a 1.5Ah Lithium-particle battery, a quick charger, and a sack to convey the affected driver and different devices giving you the ideal movability. Dewalt DCF887b also accompanies a case and a quick charger with the distinction being the number of batteries.

It accompanies two 4Ah batteries and a belt snare. Notwithstanding the two of them having practically similar kinds of frills, Dewalt DCF887 accompanies two higher amperage batteries and a belt snare. These embellishments have a superior effect driver.

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We have experienced above these drills are easy to use for hard work either you are working at home or you are working outside no one is going to know what you exactly need so we briefly explain above the two drill comparison for you to make a decision easily.

DeWALT (DCF887) Made In USA VS DeWALT (DCF887)

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