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Picking the best Dewalt sway wrench can be a test. While there are also a variety of models to choose from. How do you have any idea which one will turn out best for you? The excellent two models are the Dewalt Impact Wrench DCF899B and Dewalt Impact Wrench DCF899HB, which are widely used by many businesses. Look at how the two models of effect torques are comparable and in what perspectives they are unique. 


Likenesses to the side, we will call attention to DCF899B versus DCF899HB’s disparities so you can pick more straightforward. DFC889HB has more weight than the other one it has 6.4 pounds while the other DFC889B has 5.8 pounds only. The aspects are similar in two items: 9.94 x 4.25 x 10.63 inches. As we know, DFC889B is the best option to choose for lightweight. Here comes the main element to consider in an effect wrench: the blacksmith’s iron. DEWALT DCF899B is furnished with a detent blacksmith’s iron that is impervious to breakage and strong powers without breaking.

In actuality, the DCF899HB accompanies a hoard ring blacksmith’s iron, which is the most ideal decision to move rapidly from one attachment to another. As such, DCF899HB is reasonable for the people who request quick and redundantly cutting developments.

Comparison Chart

Specifications DeWalt DCF899B DeWalt DCF899HB
Size 9.9×4.2 × 10m6 inches 9.9×4.2 × 10m6 inches
Weight 6.39 lbs  5.8 lbs
Motor Brushless Brushless
Type Cordless Cordless
Battery 20V lithium-ion l 20V lithium-ion
Max Torque 700 ft-lbs 700 ft-lbs 
Breakaway Torque 1,200 ft-lbs 1,200 fr-lbs
Speed (IPM) 2,400 IPM 2,400 IPM
Speed (RPM) 0-40 / 1,200 / 1,900 RPM 0-400 / 1,200 /1,900 RPM
Anvil Detent Pin Anvil Hog Ring Anvil

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These are really comparable items. To be explicit, they share a similar engine plan, force limit, and lighting highlight. Initially, DCF899HB and DCF899B both have a brushless engine, which ended up being ready to work in a more extended period contrasted with brushed engines. Additional information about the motor’s solidity includes the fact that it can vibrate at a maximum of 700 feet/pounds. With breakaway force, the limit is much higher: 1200 feet for every pound. Considering that reality, both effect torques have an amazingly strong engine that can make solid cuts.

Additionally, DEWALT equipped both DCF models with a three-speed selector, so you can have more broad control over your work. Other than the selector, we observe the implicit LED work light backings us adequately while working around evening time or in a dull region.

The battery fuel checks on these items permit individuals to monitor how much battery remains. both even have comparable prevention: they don’t go with a battery and a charger. In this way, in the wake of paying for an effect wrench, clients should pay an additional expense for a battery and a charger. That kind of disturbing experience, right?

Weight & Size

Indeed, this is such a once-in-a-period circumstance. Actually, we can’t settle on any official conclusion on the grounds that every item is extraordinary in an alternate manner, so it’s level-headed to mark an article as “better.” As to DCF899HB, it is somewhat heavier than the contender however very little critical. For individuals who require moving the wrench and blacksmith’s iron rapidly yet request a steady speed, power, and opening size, 899HB is an incredible choice for you.

Interestingly, the DCF899B is best for laborers whose occupation remembers cutting for hard, strong articles on the grounds that the detent iron block can endure breakage. 

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Who Should Choose what?

We prescribe this item to individuals whose positions require cutting under breakage or the hardest articles in regards to the elements recorded previously. Since the detent iron block is strength-bearable and safe, this DCF899B can perform well without being harmed or broken harshly.


We have given bits of knowledge, items surveys, and differences with respect to the DEWALT DCF899HB versus DCF899B. Every item has its benefits and shortcomings, so if it’s not too much trouble, think about your functioning condition and apply the bits of knowledge above to track down the right one for you. Wish this article gives you many valuable data to settle on an official conclusion.

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