Dewalt 18v VS 20v

Many people get confused about the power that 18v and 20v batteries have to offer. Simply because 20 is a more significant number, most people believe it provides more power which is not valid. The same is the case. If you are analyzing Dewalt 18v vs 20v tools, you might wonder whether the 20v tools might offer greater power. This is not true as both of these voltages of batteries provide almost the same power. To help you choose the better option, we have provided a sound guide underneath that covers all the relevant aspects of Dewalt batteries 18v vs 20v.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dig into the comparison of both of these batteries and help you decide which one might be the best one for you.


Now that we know that these batteries are not much different from one another, it is the type to discuss their slight differences. Before digging into the differences between the 18v and 20v batteries, keep in mind that the 20v max batteries are used within the United States. While the 18v batteries are used outside of the USA, they offer the same power in both cases. So, if you want an insight on Dewalt impact driver 18v vs 20v, below are some differences that you can read. The low of disagreements will help you make the right decision.

Comparison Chart

Dewalt Product 18V 20V
Battery an 18V battery is present. A 20V battery is current.
RPM 0 to 500 RPM and 0 to 1500 RPM  0 to 550 RPM and 0 to 2000 RPM 
Cell Type Lithiums based Lithium-based

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A Little Overview of Both Batteries

All of us are aware that the market grows every day with a massive number of competitors in competition with each other at all times. We have seen a wide range of batteries introduced into the market in the past few years. After an excellent analysis, the experts and professionals declared that the 18v batteries are the best ones so far. This stance was changed when 20v batteries came into the market. There is a never-ending debate among the manufacturers and users on which one of these two batteries is the best, and no one comes to a single decision.

Despite this debate, you should keep in mind that there is very little difference between these two batteries, and the power that they offer is the same. Thus, in the debate Dewalt 18v vs 20v drill, you can choose either of them if power is your priority.


Before discussing some of the 18v and 20v batteries differences, we will discuss their most prominent yet confusing similarities. While looking into Dewalt 18v vs 20v compatible tools, we can see the following similarities in both of these batteries.


No matter the manufacturers of the tools, whether it is Milwaukee 18v vs Dewalt 20v or Matika 18v, you will see that their batteries are not much different. One of the primary reasons behind this perfect similarity between the two batteries is their same design. These batteries feature individual battery cells arranged in a group of five, which are wired in a series. This group of five cells is connected through a wire through a parallel arrangement. With such an arrangement, you get a better number of amp-hours. It also ensures the battery’s good capacity concerning watt-hours.

Voltage Ratings

Voltage ratings are the primary factor contributing to such confusion among these two batteries. These batteries have different voltage ratings, i.e., maximum and nominal. Each 18v or 20v battery cell has a nominal voltage rating of 3.6 volts. This is loosely translated to 18v nominal when taking a deeper look. And every cell in both of these batteries has a maximum rating of 4 volts which is 20 volts when put together. The manufacturers of 18 volts batteries use the nominal rating while those of 20 volts battery use the maximum rating of the cells.


Only because both of these batteries are identified by different voltage ratings, either nominal or maximum does it not affect their power in any aspect. They will offer the same amount of power, whether it is Dewalt 18v vs 20v circular saw or a Ryobi 18v.

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Because the power produced by both batteries is the same, some other factors affect the performance of the tools with the 18v and 20v batteries. One of the essential factors that you must consider while choosing between these batteries is the torque that it has to offer. If you have tasks with more complex surfaces and materials, you should go for the tool that provides higher torque, whether Dewalt 18v or 20v.

And if you have worked with softer materials like wood and need control over your tool, you can get the tool that offers lesser torque.


If you are considering the Dewalt 20v drill vs Milwaukee 18v, you should consider the more convenient one to use. The tools with the same power batteries can differ in their usability, and this is a factor that you must consider while making a worthy purchase. Choose the tool that has more enhanced performance and valuable features to have a more comfortable experience while working with the tool.

Size and Weight

Size and weight are significant factors affecting the ease of usage and portability. If you have seen Dewalt 12v vs 18v vs 20v or Dewalt dcf899 18v vs 20v, you must have seen the difference in their sizes and weights. Usually, a 20v drill is heavier than an 18v drill, so the 18v one is easier to carry and provides comfortable working. The 18v drills are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for some particular tasks. Therefore, you have to choose the one among Dewalt reciprocating saw 18 vs 20v that can quickly fulfill your requirements according to the type of your tasks.

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In conclusion, the significant difference between the 18v and 20v batteries is marketing and not power. So, no matter what tool you choose, Dewalt dcf996 18v vs 20v, the emphasis is not the factor that is different in either device, but there are some other factors you need to consider.

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