Dewalt 20v vs Milwaukee m18

You will undoubtedly encounter these two manufacturers while browsing through the most famous and efficient power tools. Dewalt and Milwaukee compete with each other because of their high-quality professional-grade tools. If you have seen Dewalt 20v vs. Milwaukee m18 Reddit, you will be aware of both of these manufacturers and the efficiency of their devices. Both of these tools have high power and are ideal for commercial use. Moreover, they are also cost-effective and user-friendly. Along with the professional, they are also perfect for a regular homeowner with their optimum features and durability.

We will discuss some similarities between tools of both manufacturers, including Milwaukee m18 vs. Dewalt 20v impact, to get a better understanding.

Torque Control

As you might already know, you require more torque to drill holes into denser materials and lesser torque if you are dealing with softer materials. But it is also to keep in mind that the greater the torque, the lesser you will have control over your tool.

This is why more excellent torque results in stripping screw heads and overdriving screws. The Clutch is the part of the tool responsible for controlling torque. In the case of Milwaukee’s tool, you have more torque management due to the 16 position clutch. At the same time, Dewalt’s device features a 15 position clutch. Thus, now you know the central fact in Milwaukee m18 vs. Dewalt 20v ½ impact.


Product Dewalt 20v Milwaukee m18
Maximum speed 1800 RPM 1500 RPM
Battery Two batteries (1.3 amp-hours) One battery (1.5 amp-hours)
Clutch 15 position clutch 16 position clutch (more torque)
Drill length 7.5 inches 6.5 inches
Price range Cost-effective A little pricier
Weight Lightweight A little heavy

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Before heading over to the guide on Dewalt 20v vs. Milwaukee m18 drill, let’s discuss some of the similarities between both of the power tools.

Types of Drills

Whether you are planning on choosing a product manufactured by Dewalt or Milwaukee that you want, you will have a similar number of drills in both cases. Dewalt and Milwaukee offer almost sixty types of drills and drivers that possess different features and power levels. With this wide range, you can easily choose the tool that will fulfill your requirements and suit you the best.


These power tools are cordless; they are pretty convenient to use. Moreover, they come with various enhanced features that ensure that you don’t have any problems operating these tools.


Dewalt and Milwaukee are both well-known power tool manufacturers. Their great name in the industry is proof of their high-quality products. Therefore, these tools are made out of durable materials that will surely last you a lifetime.

Design and Price Range

The products offered by Dewalt and Milwaukee feature a sound and compact design that makes their portability and use a lot easier. Moreover, as both manufacturers are in tough competition, their price range is also similar. So, if you consider the Milwaukee m18 trimmer vs. Dewalt 20v, you will see that both of them have a similar price range.


To get a better insight into both of the products to choose which one is better, we have to go through their differences. Differences are what makes us make a better decision. So, without wasting more time, let’s figure out some differences between the two power tools mentioned above.


While discussing Milwaukee m18 vs. Dewalt 20v impact, we can never miss out on their difference in speed. In the case of drills, the rate is measured in Rotations Per Minute (RPM). It would help if you also kept in mind that the higher the RPM, the easier it will be to drill holes, significantly denser materials. But lower RPM also has its advantages as it ensures more control over the tool and avoids stripping screws when working.

Milwaukee’s drill offers a higher speed than Dewalt’s drill. Also, both of them have two-speed settings. Milwaukee’s low-speed setting ranges between 0 to 400 RPM, while its high-speed setting ranges between 0 to 1800 RPM. Dewalt also has two-speed settings, but theirs is slightly lower than Milwaukee’s. Their low-speed setting ranges between 0 to 450 RPM, while their high-speed setting ranges between 0 to 1500 RPM.


While getting an insight on Milwaukee m18 fuel vs. Dewalt 20v max xr, you must know the number of batteries and chargers that both of these power tools come with. Dewalt’s power tool comes with two batteries that are 20-volt lithium-ion batteries and a single charge. At the same time, Milwaukee’s drill uses only one battery that is an 18-volt lithium0ion battery. As Milwaukee has a wide range of 18V batteries, the one used in the Milwaukee m18 drill is an M-18 Redlithium compact battery. Milwaukee’s batteries also feature a fuel gauge that helps you monitor the charging of this tool.

Milwaukee’s battery is compact and lightweight and takes only thirty minutes to charge fully. These batteries have a control frame; they ensure more excellent durability with temperature protection. These are some of the enhanced features that make the Milwaukee m18 a better option, even though we have seen in the Milwaukee m18 trimmer vs. Dewalt 20v that they have the same power and battery range.

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The size and weight of a tool are the major factors for the portability of the devices. The easier to carry is, the more compact Milwaukee m18 fuel vs. Dewalt 20v max or Dewalt blower vs. Milwaukee m18. Milwaukee’s drill is more convenient to move because of its smaller size of 6.5 inches than Dewalt’s drill, which is 7.5 inches long. Moreover, Milwaukee’s tool is also lightweight and is approximately 3.4 pounds, while Dewalt’s drill is 6.75 pounds.


In conclusion, both of these tools are manufactured by well-known manufacturers who aim at providing high-quality and high-performance instruments. If you have narrowed your search to Dewalt 20v and Milwaukee m18, your final decision is not so far. Milwaukee has some enhanced features in its battery and compact design, so if you are looking for such a tool, this one might be the one to go. But the Dewalt 20v is also a highly efficient and equal power tool that you can consider buying.

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