Dewalt 887 vs 888

Dewalt is one of the foremost well-known control apparatus brands around the whole world.  Let’s take a deeper look at the similarities and differences to determine if there are any compelling reasons to choose one over the other. The Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888 impact drivers are both among their best-selling products.

Motor Capacity 

A machine execution shows the nature of the engine. It’s a fundamental piece of any component. Using 3800 IPM (persuade per minutes), the DeWalt DCF887 20V Max XR cordless engine delivers the impacted driver the longest run time and most efficacy. It makes 205-newton meters force; with this force, you can utilize DeWalt DCF887 on the more unbending surface with no trouble.

A few effect drivers don’t deal with additional difficult surfaces due to the inadequate engine. In any case, simply sit back and relax, that case doesn’t make a difference to DeWalt DCF888. The brushless engine of DeWalt DCF888 is competent and productive in doing all errands on the strength of 205 NM (newton Meters) force for a more stretched out period contrasted with the Ni-Compact disc engine.


Features DCF887 DCF888
Motor Brushless Motor Brushless Motor
Torque 205 Newton Meters 205 Newton Meters
RPM 3250 3250
IPM 3800 3800
Speed setting 3-speed setting options 4 speed setting options
Length 5.3 inches 5.3 inches
Weight 2 lbs. 2 lbs.
Ratings 4.8 on Amazon 4.8 on Amazon

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Battery Power

DCF887 is a cordless drill that does not come with batteries. It is up to you to choose the batteries. A 2.0 Ah (ampere-hour) battery is included in a few DCF887 kits. The 2.0 Ah battery does not last very long, making it a poor alternative for those who must work outside almost all of the time. Likewise, it does not come with batteries like the DeWalt DCF887. Don’t concern yourself as well much considering almost battery determination. DeWalt has XR (Extraordinary Runtime) battery arrangement, which is extraordinarily made for brushless motors. DeWalt XR batteries boost the capabilities and grant your affected driver more runtime.

Speed Comparison

A fact that the DCF887 sway driver has a speed setting is incredible. At the lower section of an afflicted driver, there is a speed control switch. Following are the main three speeds to choose from. Its main setting is 1000 rpm, the next set is 2800 rpm, and the last level is 3250 rpm. With the switch’s assistance, you can handle the effect driver’s speed as per your accommodation. You’ll get a refreshed element in the DCF888 sway driver update. Instead of 3 changeable controls for RPMs, this one has 4. This 4-speed setting makes DCF888 an across-the-board instrument that you can use for any surface.

Weight and Size 

Engine and batteries are not just a few elements that make DeWalt DCF887 catch everyone’s eye. With the assistance of 5.3 inches DCD887 sway driver, you can function however much you need in any fixed or little region. The lightweight and agreeable smaller plan of DCF887 has the affected driver a simple to-utilize machine. It has 5.3 creeps long and 2.8 lbs Weight (without batteries). This has the affected driver advantageous and easy to understand. Hence, DeWalt DCF888 is a fantastic decision for individuals who would rather not work with weighty, huge effect drivers and looking for a conservative device.

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You can undoubtedly hold DeWalt DCF887 one-gave cycle stacking, 1.4 hex toss sway driver. It has three driven lights which will give you security while working in more obscure regions. The DeWalt Organization gives clients a 1-year free help and nine months unconditional promise. Warranty is easy-to-understand communication with three drove lights. You can work in hazier regions and a throwing plan in which you can rapidly change the digit of the affected driver. Dewalt DCF888 has three years restricted, 1-year free help, and 90 days unconditional promise.


Nobody is going to know what tool you need exactly if you’re a person who loves to update the tools to your needs then go for DCF888 is an excellent option nowadays to manage to control your drill with your mobile phone that will be easier and safe.

DeWALT (DCF888) Impact Driver Details

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