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This guide is about “diffuser vs humidifier”. In which you will learn about their differences, similarities, aromatherapy & essential oils. Furthermore difference between humidifier and diffuser will make easy for you to choose best device for your room. After reading that that you will not get any need to go anywhere. Let’s catch.

Diffuser vs humidifier is an essential topic, for those having concern about their air present into their home and want to change its composition. People having skin complications and confused between diffuser vs humidifier, then the reading of this article for you will be worthwhile. And for those who wants to add some essential oils into air to make room more calm and more pleasant-smelling ambience, shouldn’t go anywhere because this is for you

Diffuser vs Humidifier Differences Between Them

These are all the major difference between Humidifier and Diffuser

What is a Diffuser?

There are a lot of sizes and shapes in which a diffuser comes. Your mind must have a question that What Do They Do? These diffusers can also vary in the types. A diffuser is heavily used in aromatherapy consisting of aroma oils. You don’t need to confuse a humidifier with an essential oil diffuser. Diffusers are very different from humidifiers because they are made in such a way that a drop of oil is often used to mix with water and then it is dispersed in the air. They are many types of diffusers these are known as ultrasonic diffusers, nebulizer diffusers, evaporative diffusers, and heat diffusers.

Diffusers are designed in such a way that a vaporizing mist having essential oils is aromatized in a room area.

What does a diffuser do in a room?

A diffuser is a lot of times used with essential oils. It usually helps to keep the atmosphere nice and warm. A diffuser also serves the purpose to keep the air smell good. It usually freshens up the atmosphere. There are usually four types of diffusers such as evaporative, ultrasonic, heat as well as a nebulizer.

How They Add Moisture to the Air?

A diffuser adds moisture into the air. They often have essential oils in them. It often mixes essential oils into the water. It can often bring necessary humidity into the room.

how to clean essential oil diffuser?

There are many ways through which a diffuser can be cleaned. If the oil is clogged then it can cause severe damage to the diffuser that you are using. There are many ways through which you can clean your diffuser. One of the many ways through which you can use to clean your diffuser is to add few drops of soap into the diffuser. Allow the dishwasher soap to sit in the water tank. You can also use a scrub to clean the inside of the diffuser. You can also white vinegar to clean your diffuser. Your white vinegar should sit for 10 minutes into the water tank so that it will prevent any complications. This will also help in the thorough cleaning of the insides of the diffuser

What are the pros?

Diffusers are paired with water that is often scented or with essential oils. They are heavily used for aromatherapy. When oil gets into your skin it usually makes a person relax. They often

Reduce the number of bacteria that a person has on their skins or their body. It prevents a lot of health issues that are related to a person. You can only get benefit from the essential oil if you use it properly and with care.

What is a Humidifier?

If you often confuse with diffuser vs humidifier then we got you covered today. A humidifier is made so that a designated level of moisture is kept in a room for a specific period of time. Moisturizing is often needed in dry seasons to keep the temperature down and low. It is also needed in seasons in which the temperature is quite high. When the air is quite dry it can cause many problems for a lot of people because dry air causes dry skin. Viral problems along with bacterial problems are caused due to dry air. It also makes it very hard for people to sleep. Many people all around the world use a humidifier to eliminate congestion and problems that are directly related to dry air

How does humidifier work?

Whereas the humidifier is ultrasonic in nature. It produces vibrations that make the water evaporate. A humidifier can cause dampness and sogginess. It often makes tiny droplets which generally make the air moist and serve the same purpose as a diffuser. They differ often in the working.

A humidifier usually boils the water and then cool mist is released into the air. Water is added at regular intervals. The water is often soaked by a wick belt or a filter. A fan is also used to blow the air.

There is another humidifier that is also often used. It is called an impeller. It uses centrifugal force to turn water into tiny little droplets. Then it is released into the air for maximum benefit.

Whereas the ultrasonic humidifier often uses a vibrating metal diaphragm that often makes vibration. Vibration turns the water into tiny little droplets that are in turn released into the air. Ultrasonic humidifiers often release either cool or warm mist.

Can I Put Essential Oils in My Humidifier?

Humidifiers don’t support the mixing of the oil into the air. We often need moisturizing during heat waves and in dry seasons. Most humidifiers that are available in the market are now made up of plastic components. Plastic body parts are very hard to endure and can destroy the real essence of the essential oils. Essential oils can make the plastic weak in no time thus destroying the overall look of the device.

Essential oils are often mixed and dispersed using a nebulizer diffuser. Most of today’s markets don’t support essential oil mixture into the air. For proper mixing of the oil into the air, you always need to have a nebulizer. A nebulizer will make things easier for you in the long run.

When should you use a humidifier?

If you are not sure about do you need a humidifier or not then you can buy one from the market easily? It will significantly monitor the levels of humidity in the air. It is highly recommended that the level of the humidity should remain between 40-60 percent in total.

You might also need to buy a humidifier for any reason either it could be to add more moisture into the air or it could be making the air rich with humidity. You can also remove the humidity from the air using the dehumidifier.

Tank Size of humidifier:

The size of the tank plays a very important role if you are buying a humidifier. Many of the diffusers don’t use water. If you want to get the maximum benefit out of something or from the humidifier then size needs to play a very important role in such occasions. Humidifiers often need to be refilled. Tanks that are often used in humidifiers often need a lot of water. There is about a gallon of water that is needed to make the room humid. The maximum water holding capacity of these water tanks is about 300-500 ml. You can always use an ultrasonic diffuser to spray the mist wherever you go. The tank usually doesn’t much water.

Water usage in a humidifier:

Using water can be a real problem in most humidifiers. Many humidifiers have different requirements for water. Most of the diffusers do not use water. If you are looking for maximum benefit from your humidifiers then you can use essential oils. If you want to maximize the benefits then using essential oils is still a better option.

Using humidifiers with oil is used for aromatherapy.

What is new in Latest version of Humidifiers?

Many of the humidifiers are designed in such a way that these humidifiers work both as diffusers and humidifiers. Over the years we have seen these models hit the market. There is a huge growing trend for that. A personal diffuser works well if you are looking to disperse oil into the air. If you want to use it then combining it with a diffuser works well

Are there any cons to this?

There are many cases where when humidifiers were used with essential oils. This destroyed the plastic of these humidifiers. To keep the humidifier in working condition always try to keep them nice and clean. Thorough maintenance is often required sometimes. Keep the settings in the optimum position or level to avoid any complications in the longer run. Don’t keep the warm water in the humidifier for too long to avoid any complications in the long run. If you boil the water then it can leave serious marks on your body as well.

Diffuser vs Humidifier Comparison Table



How Much They Cost:

A diffuser usually costs around $13 and 30$. They usually vary in size and design. Some of the diffusers can be priced a little bit high because of the essential oils they have. They often come in various sizes and shapes. There are also many cheaper models that are smaller and are very simple.

Whereas the humidifier can cost around $15-100$. They are a bit expensive than that of the diffuser. The really expensive models have large tanks. Whereas the cheaper models are cheap and are not only smaller but simple to operate.

How Safe They Are:

A diffuser is pretty much very simple to operate. There are many things that should be kept in mind while operating them. If you have children or pets then must keep all of these aspects in mind while using a diffuser. Pets are very sensitive and you should keep them away from such gadgets.

A humidifier is very safe around children and kids. They are used by many pet enthusiasts. They do not produce heat that is usually unwanted. You should always keep humidifiers out of reach of children. Such devices can be easily knocked out by children. They should be kept clean thoroughly. If you don’t clean them then they can disperse mold and other harmful substances into the air.

How Well They Work for Allergies

They can help you to fight allergies. When it comes to fighting allergies. Peppermint can be widely used to fight allergies. It usually helps to reduce inflammation. If you will add the wrong oil combination then it can cause severe complications in the long run.

You should always lower the level of humidity in your room. For that, you can use humidifiers. If you have high humidity in your room then it better. But having too much humidity can cause molds, dust mites. You should always clean your humidifiers can keep them in optimum condition.

How Well They Work for Congestion:

A diffuser is another tool to ease up the congestion. It is preferred over other forms like humidifiers and vaporizers.

A humidifier can add moisture into the air. When someone has a cold or flu. They can use the humidifier. Relieving congestion can be another benefit of using a Humidifier.

What we conclude from Diffuser vs Humidifier?

If you want to maintain your health then buying a humidifier is always preferred. Humidifiers are often designed for this. If you want to use an essential oil then diffuser it’s the best option for anyone. It will not only make you healthy but will relax you also.


Here we have discussed diffuser vs humidifier. In which we have learned about their differences, similarities, aromatherapy & essential oils.

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