Woodworkers from all around the world search for some best grinding and rotary tool machines and for this Dremel is the best option you can find. In this article, we are discussing the famous Dremel 3000 and 4000, the most popular models among others. As we all know these both models are very high-tech. And it must be very difficult to differentiate between these two. The Dremel 4000 is much more high technology than the 3000, the speed and result it provides is what most of the woodworkers and experts wish for and due to these advanced features, this makes the D.4000 more expensive than the 3000.

If a professional is making a wise selection he/she would go for the D.4000 rather than the 3000 to enjoy the work. But this doesn’t mean that this D.3000 is not the best choice, being the most affordable grinder, people love it and save money buying it. Many hobbyists prefer getting the D.3000

Comparison Chart

D.3000 D.4000
It comes with a motor of 2 amp It comes with a motor of 6 amp
6 rotation speed variable Speed varies with electric amp
Rpm from 5500 to 35500 Rpm of 5500 to 35500
Air flow feature system Airflow feature system
It includes a total of 29 accessories Includes a total of 30 accessories
Warranty life of up to 2 years Warranty life of up to 2 years

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Review of DREMEL 3000

The D.3000 is well known for being the most useful thus the affordable device, it is one of the best selections people can make especially the hobbyist at a very affordable price. It works with a motor consisting of a 1.2 powered amp motor with a speed shift 6 variable. The motor can run-up to an Rpm of 5500 all the way to 35500 providing the best precise work. The D.3000 is featured with great innovation of an airflow system. This helps the device operate very smoothly and remain cool, preventing it from getting heated more. So if you have decided to use this device for a long period of time this airflow system makes it very stable to work for that. Talking about the body of the D.3000 people love the slim metal body of the device, for more comfort level a 360-degree gripper is added.

It’s extremely lightweight makes it suitable for handling it if you are working on something for a longer time. This super tool is featured with 28 useful features, which include tools for sharpening, grinding, and cutting. The 2 most useful accessories of D.3000 are sanding and grinding. The packing comes with specially equipped attachments which include a shaper and a cutter kit. This number of qualities and features makes the D.3000 the best choice under the price range which is very affordable. The accessories are great like the sanding which is very useful.

The best thing about D.3000 is the price range, you can avail all of these accessories and features at a very low price as compared to the D.4000 also that it comes with the sanding too that is very impressive and popular. But talking about the motor amp which is only 1.2 and is very low as compared to others, the precision offered by the D.3000 is not very exact.

Review of DREMEL.4000

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As we all know D.3000 is the best option for beginners but when it comes to those professionals and experts D.4000 is recommended. D.4000 is preferred to the people who prefer the best result over the price since K.4000 is a bit overpriced. This amazing D.4000 kit consists of an amazing motor of 1.6 amp with a speed shifter which is variable. The speed variable varies from 5500 to 35500 rpm and for a better and constant performance an electronic circuitry feature is present in the D4000 which allows you to make adjustments of the speed as per your work This feature makes the D.4000 one of the most powerful devices. Talking about the airflow system which is a very amazing feature that allows you to save power and don’t let the machine get heat up.

The ventilation system works all the time and doesn’t let the machine get overheated and this makes the machine work very smoothly and cool in all situations. For making the grip more strong and more comfortable a 360-degree gripper has been added. Which makes the body more lightweight and premium. The packing of the D.4000 includes a case of accessories, a storage bag or case made of plastic, Dremel items up to 30 which are very high quality along with attachments. These all accessories of the D.4000 and the working speed of this product has made it the number one choice selection for the experts also that it provides more strength and power as compared to the D.3000 plus very light in weight and built to heat resistive. All these features of the D.4000 make it more expensive than the D.3000.

Professionals love working with the motor of 6 amp. The speed is variable along with circuitry and provides precise work but people may change their decision from buying it due to it being very expensive and the sanding thing which is very overrated.



Talking about the of D.4000 which is better than the D.3000, as it comes with a 1.6 amp motor which makes the D.4000 more strong and powerful than the D.3000. Making the work more effective the speed variable circuitry makes the project more precise allowing you to work more smoothly. Whereas the D.3000 is way less strong and less smooth working, it does come with a variable speed but you still can’t achieve the required speed or the speed you wish for making it suitable only for the newbies and trainers or the hobbyist but not the experts.


When it comes to accessories D.4000 has more of them as compared to the D.3000, giving you the best result and smoothly but that sanding feature of the D.3000 is much better than the D..4000 workings more effectively still though the professionals prefer working with the D.4000 rather than the D.3000 for an effective and precise result.

Price Range 

The features of D.3000 make it more affordable than the D.4000, those DIYers and newbies would go for the D.3000 rather than D.4000 because of the price range and acceptable effective result. Features of the D.4000 make it more expensive.


To make sure that your D.4000 works the best and for years the durability of this device is great. All the accessories, tools, and the working are made in a way so that it can bear all of the working pressure thus providing the best work.

Body design

It’s difficult to choose the best in body design as they both are designed the same way, they are lightweight to be shifted and used easily, made with a design of using ergonomic thing and both of them includes a very good gripping tool which is the 360- degree gripper providing the comfort while using making sure your device works for a long time period without causing you any problems. But one thing that is disliked about both devices is the corded feature, the size of the cord won’t let you have full motion work though it gets you more power still causes problems for the moving body.

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Controlling system

The electric circuitry feature which is present on the D.4000 provides you the best control and doesn’t let you put force on the material you are grinding on, the rotation tool will do its job and adjust itself to deliver a different speed as per the material. This feature makes the D.4000 more effective since it’s the newer version of the D.3000.

Variable speed 

As per the original information both of these devices come with a speed range of 5000 to 35000 rpm, but most the sites and users have claimed that the speed of the D.3000 is less than 35000 and it’s 33000 rpm, 6 speed variable for both of the machines.

The gripping system

The controlled gripper that comes with the D.4000 is a lot better and smooth than the grip of the D.3000 which is very soft. This shows that the grip system of the D.4000 is much more comfortable than the D.3000 but it does not make the D.3000 any worse. The grip of the D.4000 is designed in a way making it light for your wrist and hand and works very smoothly.

Which model to prefer for the following uses

For the purpose of wood carving;

These both devices are great at their job with dealing the wood, the rpm speed variable that comes with these devices makes them best at their duty plus all the other accessories, if the user wants a grinder for normal purpose use on light materials then they should go for the D.3000 since its affordable and useful for these work.

Cutting of the metal

Metal is a very hard material and to sharpen it or to grind it the material may require stronger force or more rpm that is why D.4000 is preferred for the cutting of hard material like metal, the electric circuitry which generates great power and pressure while you are dealing with the metal. For these specific reasons, D.4000 is better for the user than the D.3000.

Designing jewelry 

For better cutting edge for hard materials, more rpm is required thus making D.4000 more suitable and appropriate for the purpose, since designing the jewelry requires very detailed work and sharpening sides so it’s better to work with the D.4000.

Designing nails

Grinding of nails won’t require great power since nails are very light and can be done using any sharp eraser so spending so much of the rpm on your nail is not suitable and might damage your nail as well.


  • The corded feature, both of them are very well corded though it limits your motion but also that it provides higher power, in case you are searching for a cordless device you should go for the Dremel 8200.
  • Speed limit, speed range of both of the devices is same they vary from 5000 rpm to 35000 rpm and this is their max. And min. Power speed.
  • Handling grip, in order to change to Dremel bits D.4000 and D.3000 is equipped with the EZ gripping system, allowing better control and stronger grip for the user


The D.4000 and the D3000 are designed to give you the best result and with the time period they have made a great reputation and of the best tool woodworkers should keep, they both are very strong and effective of course. Professionals prefer the D.4000 to get the best work and result, it is best for getting the most precise work with sharp edges and curves hence making it expensive for a reason that is why it’s better for the professionals and the expert and for the newbies and trainers or the hobbyist is recommended that they get the D.3000 as it got all the features they would be looking for and it’s very affordable and everyone can enjoy the features it offers.

Why the Dremel 4000 is SO Much Better than the 3000

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