Dremel 4000 vs 4300

Woodworkers from around the world keep some of the basic tools with them that they use for grinding and shaping the wood and wood sculptures, some basic tools like the D.4000 and the D.4300 which are some of the most useful items. The D.4300 is not a complete upgrade except that it comes with some changes since its latest version, there are some changes made in the rotation feature.

Which of the Dremel should be Buy?

If you have no problem with finance then D4300 is the best option as compared to the D4000, for all the reasons mentioned before this D4300 is the best. This is a very powerful device and along with all the features beginners should keep the price tag aside. Due to its comfortable grip, it makes the D4300 better and more comfortable, good for those who have a lot of grinding to do. There are other Dremel with the same comfortable grip but not the same comfortable grip for using like the D.8820.

The user should keep this thing in mind that the accessories are one great thing so it’s better to have a lot of features and attachments for better use and more effective control over the wood. The D4000 comes for 70$ and more depending on the accessories brought along with a 2-year warranty and the D4300 costs up to 90$ and more with a warranty of 2 years.

Comparison Chart

Dremel 4000 Dremel 4300
Power amp of 1.6 Power amp of 1.8
Speed variable with the rpm of 5000 to 35000 Speed variable with the rpm of 5000 to 35000
No LED lights Comes with LED light
EZ clamper twister 3 shape jaw
Average noise Much quieter and smooth

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Power supply

The power supply of these both devices makes a great difference, D4000 comes with a power output of 1.6 amp whereas the new D4300 comes with a power output of 1.8amp. When you are working using the 1.8 amp motor that can make the difference to the next level. Sometimes material needs more power and effort that is where the extra amp works and gives an effective result. The attachment kit body also creates a huge difference between them, the K4000 comes with a kit box of 6/50 and this kit of K4000 includes 50 accessories along with an attachment of 6 different shapes to be joined.  Talking about the kit box of the K4300 which comes with one large kit, it is a 9/64 kit size, giving you a wide range of 64 accessories to use and somebody kits of 9 different shapes. Now, this is counted as one big difference.


The size of both devices is at some point the same, the width of these devices is 1.5 inches, and the body length of 9 inches. The Dremel 4300 is built thinner in shape to give a more new look plus making it suitable for working easily with no wrist pressure, coming with a better cooling system than the D.4000.

Working comparison

When a person is going to buy one of these the main question will be which one is better in performance, since D4300 is an advanced version and a complete upgrade of the D4000 than it is for sure that with all the new features it can work more smoothly and will give you a better experience like not before.

LED light 

In case you are working somewhere dark or with less light, in that case, D4300 comes with the built-in led light feature, the LED light runs on a battery so that even if the device is not being used you can still use the LED light for other use, sometimes when you are curving very sharply you might need light for more focus and that is why it is very useful, no light feature comes with the D4000.

Gripping system

The all-new D4300 comes with a 3 shaped jaw clipper for grabbing accessories, whereas the D4000 comes with an EZ clipper and according to the user the D4300 gripping system is a better and time saver.


When it comes to the use of professionals and experts D.4000 is recommended. D.4000 is preferred to the people who prefer the best result over the price since K.4000 is a bit overpriced. This amazing D.4000 kit consists of an amazing motor of 1.6 amp with a speed shifter which is variable.

  • The speed variable varies from 5500 to 35500 rpm and for a better and constant performance an electronic circuitry feature is present in the D.4000 which means you can adjust the speed according to the work you are doing. This feature makes the D.4000 one of the most powerful devices.
  • Talking about the airflow system which is a very amazing feature that allows you to save power and don’t let the machine get heat up. The ventilation system works all the time and doesn’t let the machine get overheated and this makes the machine work very smoothly and cool in all situations.
  • For making the grip more strong and more comfortable a 360-degree gripper has been added.
  • Which makes the body more lightweight and premium.
  • The packing of the D.4000 includes a case of accessories, a storage bag or case made of plastic, Dremel items up to 30 which are very high quality along with attachments.
  • These all accessories of the D.4000 and the working speed of this product has made it the number one choice selection for the experts also that it provides more strength and power as compared to the D.3000 plus very light in weight and built to heat resistive. All these features of the D.4000 make it more expensive.
  • Professionals love working with the motor of 6 amp.
  • The speed is variable along with circuitry and provides precise work but people may change their decision from buying it due to it being very expensive and the sanding thing which is very overrated.

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D.4300 is an upgraded version of the D.4000 and what features make it separate from the K4000 are the following;

  • Starting with the noise level, D4300 comes with a complete noise reduction setup hence reducing the noise as compared to the D4000. If you are working in society or someplace where people are living then this device might be useful since it won’t produce much sound and work silently, if you are living with some roommates or in a flat then don’t hesitate to get this device.
  • There are certain situations when you need a pivot feature that does not come with the D4000 but with the D4300, this makes a lot of difference between them and it is counted as one of the upgrades.
  • D4300 is limited to certain attachments only, only those attachments that come with the kit and no other from the market, in this case, D4000 is better as it comes with many attachments and others can also be attached using the chuck making the D4000 more useful, other than the noise reduction and the pivot mechanism no other features are introduced in the D4300.

Pros and cons of getting the Dremel 4000 

A very powerful tool for grinding wood, good body design, and very slim as well, addition of a switch in case you want to set the speed according to the usage. The top part of the device can be changed easily, any kind of accessories can be used with the D4000, on the other hand, being an updated version of the D3000 it is very expensive and secondly, the D4000 is corded hence limiting the motion of the body.

Pros and cons of getting the Dremel 4300

The body kit of the D4300 includes 30 attachments that can be used for various purposes, the device is very strong and gives the best and effective work with all sharp curves and edges, the material of the kit is a very high quality used making it good for long term use, but like all the previous Dremels this D4300 is also corded which causes to lower the body motion while using the device, and all these features and so-called upgrade version makes it very expensive to buy.

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