Gorilla glue is one most powerful glue well known for being the multi-purpose used glue, this glue comes in two colors, it can be silver and white. This strong glue is mostly used for household items and outdoor as well, from metal to wood and glass, this glue can help in making strong bonds in every item with very less drying process time whereas the e6000 is well known and used because of being flexible and versatile and strong on an extreme level and works the same on any other surface like metal or wood instead of getting hard when applied to the item this glue stays flexible for any wear and tear.


Gorilla glue offers a very less drying time and takes only up to 15 mins for the drying process this is one great thing you can find in any other glue, most of the glue offers a drying time of up to 20 hours.


Household use Great for fabric use
Available in a single colour Available in silver and white
Heat and water-resistant Heat and water-resistant
Works best for wood, plastic and glass Works best for jewellery

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Being water resistant it can be used anywhere outside without the fear of being exposed to the sunlight or the rain as it won’t get any weaker. E6000 can be used on any item material like wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic as well, being very versatile it is also used for crafting purposes. E6000 along being water-resistant can also withstand high temperatures thus making it suitable for outer use. Both of these glue offers the best glue bonding strength.

If you get one bottle of the gorilla glue it can be last much longer depending on your use, this glue offers different versions for different surfaces though you can use the same glue for each still using the particular one is the best option, some are best for the metal surfaces some are for the wood and some for the glass.

For Fabric

You can use the e6000 for fabric gluing or shoe gluing, and any kind of fabric. This glue is offered in different colours and once you have applied the glue you can without any fear wash it from cold and hot water as well. This glue is very strong and best for strong bonds and you can easily paint over it as well. It can comfortably withstand any kind of weather and temperature too.

It also works for jewelry too but one thing that everyone hates about this glue is that it stinks very much while drying out and gets very messy too. Whereas in gorilla glue there are no such issues.

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Drying Process

For people who ask whether e6000 is clear the answer is that it depends on the colour, you have chosen. Gorilla glue is better than e6000 because of its quick-drying process and no messy work. Both of these glues are stronger so there’s no way to tell whether the e6000 is stronger than the gorilla glue or not.

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