Gorilla glue vs Epoxy

Gorilla glue is well known for being the multi-purpose used glue, gorilla glue is the one best option you can opt for if you are looking for some glue to be used for your home indoor work or any sort of outdoor work whether it’s wood or glass. This glue is available in 2 colors, white and clear, whereas epoxy glue is a type of Loctite glue, epoxy is best proven whether you want to use it for any kind of glass.

Such as fiberglass, whether it’s a metal or any kind of surface epoxy works best for that and makes a very strong bond.


Gorilla glue comes at a very ideal price, when you use it for any surface it won’t damage any color, being water-resistant it can be used anywhere outdoors in your house and takes very less drying process. Gorilla glue is very famous as it bonds together anything you can imagine with the strongest bonding strength, if you get 1 tube it can work for a much longer time. What else one would wish if the glue just took a minute to dry out, gorilla glue is best for this purpose, most of the glue takes like plus 20 hours to dry out. Talking about the Epoxy which comes distributed in two substances and when you apply it on some surface both substances get mixed together.

To form a strong bond these both substances are stored in some syringe, epoxy is one very strong glue as well as versatile, it’s best used in filling the gaps between anything, this glue won’t damage the color and also can get painted. The best thing about both types of glue is that they can be exposed to sunlight and rain since these glues are water-resistant and can’t get weak.

Gorilla Glue vs Epoxy Comparison Chart

Suitable for home use Best for machinery purpose
Quick drying process Takes hours to dry
Best for filling gaps Best for bolts and nuts
Very strong glue Act like welding

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For Machinery Parts

Epoxy is best for the use in machinery parts joining like bolts and nuts, low viscosity makes it very great for being strong even in high temperatures, for the machine which vibrated very much when working this epoxy will work great, using epoxy on metal is like welding it but with metal, it takes up to 24 hours to dry but the results are worth it even for the electric products this glue can work and won’t get conducted to electricity thus making it safe.

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For Glass Material

Gorilla glue comes in different versions, some are made more for the glass material, can glue any kind of glass with very less drying process time, and some for the wood material and for metal as well. Regular gorilla glue may also work for every surface but the one specifically made for that kind of surface. No doubt epoxy works the best on plastic material whether it’s a plastic chair or a tool it can fix as strong as possible without damaging it anyway.


If you need to pick one from these two then you should go for the epoxy as it can be used for home use as well as in machinery.

How To Use Gorilla Epoxy

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