Gorilla glue vs Krazy glue 

Both types of glue are one of the strongest glues in the market, gorilla glue is one most used for household items and even for outdoor. Gorilla glue is available in two colors in the market you can get it in silver as well as white color. This glue is best for the use of wood, glass material, and metal as well whereas Krazy glue is also one of the strongest glue and well known for its versatility making it best for friendly use. As per the company and the reviews of this glue it is stated that this glue can bear the burden of up to 100kg and this is one best thing any glue can provide you with.

If you are searching for some strong glue out in the market then you might get confused between Krazy glue and gorilla glue so this article includes the differentiation between these two types of glue and how strong is the gorilla and Krazy glue.

Comparison Chart

Best for every material Supports every material except plastic
Drying process of 15 mins Quick-drying process
Best for plastic Best for appliances
Available in every version Available in 1 form

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Gorilla glue is well known for its strong strength and can easily attach to any item.

Drying Process

The best thing about gorilla glue is that it has a very fast drying process time, you can apply the glue to any item and it will easily get attached within 15 mins whereas other glues offer a drying process time of up to 20 hours. Gorilla glue is best for use with plastic and any other material. Gorilla glue is offered in many different versions for different kinds of materials, it is offered for glass material like fiberglass and its best for its use, also for the wood material, you can easily attach any piece of wood by just applying some of the glue and let it dry for few mins, and one for the metal and nuts joining purpose, you can also use the regular gorilla glue for this purpose but the best option is to use the one that is made for the specific purpose for the best result.

The best thing about gorilla glue is that it can withstand any kind of weather, whether it’s raining, sunny days, or winters gorilla glue won’t get any weak and remain strong forming the strongest bond between items.

For Machinery

Even if you apply the gorilla glue in the bolts or nuts of machinery and even after all the vibrations during the machine running it won’t cause the bond to get weaker. Talking about the Krazy glue which can be used for any kind of material is one of the strongest and the best thing that it does dry out very quickly and acts very strong in rain and snow also on sunny days, it can be used for any item whether it’s for the outdoor use or indoor.

Krazy Glue can be used for different kinds of appliances and gives the best result.

Body Design

Gorilla glue comes in tube form and also in bottle shape, the best thing is that the quantity is very much, a tube bought can be used for a very long time since it requires less glue to attach things being very strong. Krazy glue comes in less quantity and that is one issue with it also that Krazy glue is suitable for some kind of plastic that is why gorilla glue is preferred for these materials. Gorilla glue won’t damage the color and maintain its bonding. But in comparing the drying process Krazy glue only requires up to 20 seconds.


Compared to other glues gorilla glue is the most versatile due to its polymer sticking to any surface better than those other available adhesives. Krazy Glue is a very strong versatile glue that should be used with safety since it can cause damage once it’s attached to your finger which might be very dangerous. When the glue is drying out it causes some very harmful fumes that can be very dangerous for your lungs so it’s better to keep your safety gears on to avoid any inconvenience.

For Plastic

Talking about the Krazy glue, there are some certain materials that do not support this glue-like HDE plastic items and Teflon plastic but materials like wood, metal, ceramic, paper, and glass support this glue and show the best result. Even after days, you can still smell the fumes of the glued points after applying the Krazy glue.

Different Materials

If you got the glue on some wrong point then you may have to clear with some special material known as acetone since the bond is very strong and requires hard scrub. Be Aware of the danger when you apply the glue on your spoons or any other eating plate, make sure you don’t apply it to such items.

For people who ask whether the Krazy glue is the strongest one, the answer is that it depends on the material.

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Heat can cause the bond made by the Krazy glue to weaken though it’s not flammable but does affect the bonding. If you are looking for glue best for filling some sort of gaps then you should opt for gorilla glue since Krazy glue does not expand after the drying process. So both of the glues are equal in service though both come with some drawbacks according to their usage on different materials. Don’t try these glue for cosmetic products or use them on nails which might be harmful to your skin.

Krazy glue can last for years if the packing or the seal is perfectly done thus having a long life. Same as the gorilla glue, Krazy glue also comes with different versions for different kinds of materials.

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