Both types of glue are of 2 different brands that have earned a very good review being the best in glue. A person finding the best glue might get confused when it comes to these two types of glue and you need to differentiate between them, both of these glues are very strong in their duty and made especially for it. This article includes the difference between these glues, these glues are called “all-purpose glue” for some reason but there are some materials on which glues are supported like plastic or wood, that is why there are different types in both of them too.

For different types of material, gorilla glue offers you different versions of the glue.

Comparison Chart

Basically, gorilla glue is an all-type glue but it is proven more effective if you use the glue that is made for such material.

Appropriate for every surface Appropriate for every surface except plastic
Comes in different versions Available in 1 form
Drying process of 15 mins time The drying process can take up to 20+ hours
Water-resistant Water and extreme hot resistant
Available in glue sticks also Only available in liquid form

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Regular gorilla glue will work on any kind of surface but it’s mainly used for wood, once you have applied the glue on the wanted side then just let it dry out it may take a few hours to dry and after the drying process, you will notice that doesn’t leave any mark on the spot and not damage the color of the wood, for Loctite vs gorilla wood glue you should opt for regular gorilla glue.

In case you are finding a glue that is appropriate for the transparent surfaces then you should go for Clear gorilla glue, it is best for any glass material, if compared with the regular glue then this clear glue is said to be most strong, for people who ask is gorilla glue better than Loctite for glass material than glass is the best for this use.

Wood glue

Ok so you are searching for some glue that is extremely strong on wood material then Gorilla wood glue would work best for it, this glue is specially designed for this purpose. The drying process is way faster than the normal gorilla glue, let’s say only 15 minutes. This fast-drying process makes it very suitable for use. For people asking whether gorilla glue is the strongest glue for the wood, yes it is for this reason.

Glue epoxy

Another glue for the glass material known as Gorilla glue epoxy, works the same as the clear gorilla except that it takes the drying process time of about 24 hours, it’s commonly used for the vehicle’s parts. If you are searching for some glue that would work for outdoor purposes then you must get the constructive adhesive by gorilla glue, the best in the market usually used for the purpose of outdoor work or any construction purpose.

If you are a glue gun user which is very commonly used for many purposes then you should get the best glue sticks which are made with Gorilla glue.


Loctite is a multi-purpose thread locker glue. If we talk about thread lockers then gorilla glue can’t compete with it. There are many different types of Loctite products than are used for different purposes, Talking about the Loctite 242 / 243 which serves a medium level strength is mostly used for the bolts and nuts, it comes with very low viscosity and on the other hand 243 which is a complete upgrade and oil resistance making it much stronger than the previous 242.

221 & 222

Talking about Loctite 221 and 222 which is mostly used for your machinery and appliance for the small threads, these both are low in strength and viscosity as compared to the previous ones because it’s made for the purpose of gluing very small threads, low viscosity helps in gluing the small threads.

272 & 278

The Loctite 272 and 278 are built for very high temperature, if you are using glue for some machinery purpose then you need to make sure that due heart the parts which are glued together for this purpose 272 and 273 are best, this glue can withstand up to 200 degrees of temperature.

270 & 276

For the type of machinery that vibrates very much, you need to make sure that parts that are glued are strongly bonded, Loctite 270 and 276 are used for this adhesive when in machinery nuts are in constant vibration you need to be sure that they are attached with Loctite 272.


Many people ask whether Loctite is stronger than super glue so the answer is that it depends on the type of glue, for what purpose it is being used since there are many types.  Loctite is commonly used for the machinery parts gluing purpose whereas gorilla glue is used for most of the home indoor and outdoor work like wood and glass. The best thing about Loctite is that it works incredibly well in any weather type, you don’t need to worry if it’s raining, sunny day, or winter.

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