There are some times in our life when mistakenly or in anger things get broken by us and after you feel regret you start to fix it. Also, there are things that can be fixed by glue instead of getting a new item and for all these problems glue is the best to work. This article includes all the information needed to differentiate between the superglue and the gorilla glue.

Gorilla glue and super glue are two of the strongest glues you can get in the market and most people get confused when buying one of them due to their different qualities and effects, this article includes the information used to differentiate between these glues and help you get the best one for your use. Gorilla glue comes in two different colors, silver color and white color depending on buyers’ choice.

Gorilla glue 

Gorilla glue is well known for its use for home indoor and outdoor gluing work, Any gluing work from wood to glass and metal everything can be glued with this. Gorilla glue is the best type of polymer which makes it different from the other glue in the market. Talking about the versatility of this glue as is best for all kinds of materials and surfaces.

Most of the surfaces include all of them, even those which can not be glued by other adhesives, which is the best thing. Gorilla glue is offered in different versions each made for different kinds of surfaces and materials.

Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue Comparison

TypeGorilla glueSuper glue
Best forTough dissimilar both indoors repairs on surfaces, and out.Instant GEL repairs on NoRun, Control smaller Formula great indoor for use on vertical projects. surfaces.
Open Working Time10 15 MinutesNot Repositionable
Clamp Time1-2 HoursHold for GEL 10-30 Seconds
Drying Time* 100% in 24 hours80% in 1-2 HoursLight handling after 1 5 Minutes
Outdoor Use100% Passes Type andNot Recommended
Glue ExpansionExpands applicationNone
Dry ColorLight TanTranslucent
FinishingSandable, &Sandable

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Clear gorilla glue

This glue is made for the special purpose of gluing any kind of glass, even fiberglass. This glue acts best for joining glass, whether it’s your broken window or your car side mirror since these little accidents are now very normal. You don’t need to worry about the glass quality since the glue doesn’t affect the color or the quality of the glass.

Gorilla wood glue

For dealing with kind of wood material you should be using the gorilla wood glue that is the best for this kind of surface and most appropriate, any wooden objects or wooden blocks can be fixed using the gorilla wood glue, even if it’s your wooden pot or anything for the wood filling to gluing them you can easily glue them.

Just apply the glue on the spot you want to attach it and leave it for only 15 mins, the best thing about the gorilla glue is that it only takes the drying process time of up to 15 to 20 mins and you are all set for that. It won’t damage the color of the wood or its shape.

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Gorilla glue epoxy

Gorilla glue epoxy is the one made for vehicles, if you have gotten a broken headlight or any front grill or anything related to the interior or exterior of the car without damaging the car it comes with the best. If you are searching for some glue that would work for outdoor purposes then you must get the constructive adhesive by gorilla glue, the best in the market usually used for the purpose of outdoor work or any construction purpose.

If you are a glue gun user which is very commonly used for many purposes then you should get the best glue sticks which are made with Gorilla glue. If you are a glue gun user which is very commonly used for many purposes then you should get the best glue sticks which are made by Gorilla glue.

✅Makes strong bond with every material❌While drying process harmful toxic fumes are generated 
✅It is best for any kind of material ❌Very strong due to which user need to be very careful about this
✅A number of versions are available for it 


Super glue is the one most strong adhesive in the market, the glue is made up of cyanoacrylate which is not the same as gorilla glue and this makes it different from gorilla glue. This glue acts very strong and powerful and is mainly used in the industrial zone for machinery. Another thing about the glue is that it is non-toxic making it very less dangerous than the gorilla glue.

For every surface

Compared to the gorilla glue this super glue is way less versatile, this glue can be used for almost every surface but it does require a lot of drying time and requires moisture for the bonding, places where the moisture level is very low this glue might not work the way you want that is why for the home use this glue works best.

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Drying time

The best thing about the superglue is that it requires less drying time due to being dependent on the moisture level that is why the glue doesn’t require water to be used while bonding. As compared to the other glues in the market this glue is one of the fastest working glue you can get from the market and once you apply it to something it might be very difficult to unstitch it.

No toxic gases

This super glue does not generate toxic gases and is safe to use unless it gets applied to your hand, body or eyes. But using super glue for the plastic may not be very suitable because it does not create a strong bond with the plastic so it’s preferred to use gorilla glue for the plastic. Super glue comes in a packet that includes 12 of them and can last a while if sealed properly, For gorilla glue one tube can last more than expected and one tube is enough.

✅The drying process requires very less time❌Bonding is dependant on the material which is being used 
✅It's very safe to be used make sure it don’t get attached to your hands or body❌It is not suitable for the plastic and can damage the plastic if used
✅One of the strongest in the market.

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