This guide is about how long does grout takes to dry on tiles. In which you will learn about cure & setting time of grout, before walking on. it. Here I will tell you in detail that how long does it take for grout to dry and what are those factor on which it depends. Moreover here I will tell you how you can control the time according to your requirement.

How long does grout take to dry is a very important topic that every DIY person in the house must know? If you are doing masonry work or using grout in your home then it is mandatory for you to know about grout drying times. It is for the safety of you and your children. On the other hand, if you are a DIY enthusiast then it is necessary for your work to know that how long for grout to dry.

How Long Does Grout Take To Dry (Ultimate Guide)

Before knowing how long does grout take to dry, you have to be you familiar to the word grout.

If you are a beginner or new to this DIY world then you have to first understand that what is grout. What is its use in the DIY world? Uncertainty if you are working with it and fortunately you are here and reading this then you are truly lucky.

Composition of the grout

Grout is basically thick fluid which is made up of the cement water and sand normally. if we talk about is Consistency then it is like a thick peanut butter. But you can make the Consistency of your choice by removing or adding the water into it.

What are Type of the Grout?

These are the type of the Grout

    Epoxy grouts
    Furan grout
    Portland cement base
    Cementitious grouts

What are the Usage of the grout?

    Grout is basically use in the filling of the gaps.
    If you are doing masonry work in your kitchen then it is used in filling the gap.
    Moreover it is also use in the filling of the hollow block or brick.
    We can also use it in filing the gap between two walls.
    Further it is also use in filling the crack of the wall, tiles and the brick.
    It is also use before the paint so that it level the wall surface.

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These are the Factors that Determine grout Drying Time

It is not just the one factor on which the drying of the grout depend. There are several factor and condition on which it depend. Moreover if you understand it then you can also control its dryness time. Normally it take 24-72 hours to fully heal. But it is just the theoretical time.

How Long Does Grout Take To Dry
How Long Does Grout Take To Dry

First Factor: The type of Grout Being Used

The top factor on which the drying time depend is the type of grout which you are using. So before using and buying read out its customer guide completely. Does it is your requirement? After reading the complete guide then you can buy it or use it

Then there is question arise that how do you know the type of grout you are dealing with? It just simple you have to check this manually, check the packet fully and read it thoroughly. What should you do if after reading this you don’t know the type of the grout? Don’t need to be panic just ask from the suppler what type it is.

One more thing that you should keep it into your mind is its healing time on the package. If the time is written thirty minutes then you should give it an hour so that it heal completely. In my opinion the time that is written on the grout package is just the ideal time which is based on specific temperature, atmosphere and condition

Second Factor: Humidity

Humidity is another factor on which dry of the grout depend. Humidity is present in the atmosphere. First you have to understand the mechanism of the healing. When the water present in the grout dries then we can say that it is fixed. When the concentration of the water in the grout is more than the atmosphere it dries faster. So now you can understand easily that how the humidity affect the grout

How can you use this factor?

If you are a DIY enthusiast and working on the indoor project. Then here you can easily control the humidity. Now it’s up to you on whatever project you are working you have to maintain the humidity according to it.

How to decrease the humidity in the indoor?

By using these you can easily decrease the humidity which will also effect on the grout dryness

  • Open the window
  • Move your home plants
  • Use charcoal briquettes
  • Buy de-humidifier
  • Dry your laundry out of that room
  • ensure that there is no any leakage of the pipe

Drawback of high humidity on grout

What if the humidity is high? Is it effect on it badly? Yes definitely it effect on it badly it increases its time of healing and hardening.

Third Factor: Temperature

Temperature is a third factor on which the healing of the grout depend. If the temperature of the atmosphere is high then it will take little time than the ideal one to dry. So if you are working in a closed environment then you can take benefit of it. If you are DIY enthusiasts it will help you a lot in doing group project

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How Long Does Grout Take To Dry is depend on how you use it.

how long does grout take to dry
how long does grout take to dry

Allow your Grout to Dry

If you are working on a DIY project then i recommend you allow the grout to dry fully before any further work. On the other hand if you start the work on it without its fully dry then it will damage your DIY project. I recommend to give the time to the grout for dry fully, then do whatever you want from it. It will be definitely for your project safety

What will happen if you start on the work without allow the grout to dry?

It will make your DIY project weak because water in the grout wouldn’t dry. so you have to set your priority first that what you want.

Set Up a complete Plan

If you are working with grout you need an exact plan on which you will work. Otherwise you will get irritated with it. Like if you are applying it on the tiles then you have to decide first from where you have to start and where you have to end. If you don’t set the plan you get messy with it. Moreover it will also effect the appearance of the project

Clean off Excess Grout

If you are working with grout on the project then remove the extra grout immediately. Other it will hard on it and it will be difficult to remove it. Moreover pulling it can cause bad effect on your project. On the other if you don’t remove it will increase the time of its dry. And it will take more time to dry fully

Use Additional Drying Devices

If you are working with grout on a scale project then i suggest you to use other drying devices. It will increase the dry process of the grout so you can better work on it. Not only has the better work you can do more worked on it also. Now you have question arise into your mind that what are these drying applications. As I am here for you so you don’t need to think any more related to DIY project.

 These devices can be:

  • Electric fan
  • Electric cooler
  • dehumidifier

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What we have learned is that How Long Does Grout Take to Dry on Tiles. In which, we have discussed about Cure and Setting Time of grout, before Walking on it. We have discussed about the factors on which grout drying times depend.


How can you make grout dry faster?

With the help of these you can make grout dry faster
• Turning on air conditioner
• Put the plant away from the working place.
• Use dehumidifier near to working place.
• Protect the grout from snow, humidity and rain if working outdoor

What happens if grout gets wet?

If the grout get excess water these thing will happen.
• Grout layer will weak.
• Cause crack on the grout.
• Holes will appear on it.
• Gaps will appear.
• weaken the integrity of the joints
• cause the moisture to get into it

How long does grout take to dry before using shower?

Generally it depend on the type and the quality of the grout that you use on the tile. It takes a whole day to two days for complete dry. Moreover some company prefer to wait for three days. Personally i would recommend you to wait for 48 hours

How long do you have to stay off grout?

If you apply the grout into tile then you have to wait for one to two days. Then after that you can use that place. Moreover it will help the grout to dry completely and it will make it harder and strong.

Is it really necessary to seal grout?

It is not the mandatory to seal the grout. But if you do it will protect it from the dust, moisture, humidity and water. Moreover it will protect the integrity, look and the texture of the grout safe. Beside it will increase the life of the grout

What happens if grout sealer dries on tile?

If grout sealer dries on the tile it will decrease the integrity, appearance and the shine of the tiles. Moreover it will effect in the appearance of the tiles also.

Does vinegar remove grout sealer?

Yes, definitely if you clean the grout with vinegar again and again it will break down the grout. Extreme high PH and extreme low PH level can cause severe effect on it.


This guide was about how long does grout take to dry on tiles. In which we have learned about cure & setting time of grout, before walking on.

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