how to bend wood with water

how to bend wood with water?

Learn how to bend wood with water. Now make it curved, warped, soaked, circled, flexible, trimmed & molded by using hot water and the steam. These soften, bow, twisted and thinned lumber use in making furniture and the moulding. Even more we can shape any type of hardwood, plywood by heat.


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How To Warp Wood with Water

A lot of you might be going to continue their adventures in the woodworking. You will be completing more complex tasks. This can be your key features that will spark your creativity. You will be using new techniques and will design timeless piece of arts. In many other ways your will be bending wood or Pressure Treated wood

There is a lot of debate about how to curve wood. Either we can bending wood with water or a steam box can be used for this purpose. You should always use a wood that is roughly around 20 mm thick. Internally check the moisture level (20-30%).

Keep the wood in place using a clamp. After doing what is being told you. You can bend the wood in the desired direction of the grain as it will be soaked and steams. Allow it to dry for some time.

These are two wood bending techniques. You have to take proper precautions while you are curving wood. It can be a little bit of tricky to accomplish your task because it is not a piece of cake. You should be careful enough that you won’t break the wood into pieces.

We can take a closer look into “how to warp wood with water”. We will be either using steam box or we will be soaking wood to bend.

How To Bend Wood with Water in Just 6 Steps Without Steam Box

Follow the following steps by bending wood with hot water

Select the most suitable wood you want to work on:

Before you start to work on such a project you can choose a desired slab of wood in the first place. Not all the woods are same! So, you won’t get the same results instantly. You can either bend the either by soaking it or by steaming it.

It is very daunting task to bend a thick wood. It can be labelled nearly impossible. Either your wood should not be very thin or not too thick. A wood can be broken easily. A wood should be roughly 20mm thick.

A wood that can be bended should have straight grain. A wood that has cross grained is more likely to bend and break during the bending process. You should keep this thing in mind that the pressure of the wood should go in direct proportion of the grain.

These are the woods are ideal for the bending of the wood.

  • White Oak
  • Hard Oak
  • Elm
  • Bec
  • Ash
  • Hackberry
  • Walnut.

These woods are best for bending other woods can go towards discoloration when you are triggering too much pressure.

Always check the wood’s moisture level:

An ideal wood should have a 20-30% level of moisture. You should check the wood carefully. This should be done before you are soaking the wood in water and applying the pressure in the desired direction. It should not have moisture more than that because it will be subject to mold and fungus and this will destroy your piece of art!

If the moisture level is more than that of 70% then the woods cannot be blended. You can’t even bend such wood because it will not catch fire. These are prone to breaking and they can’t be broken as they are highly unsuitable.

To check the level of the moisture it is advised to use the wood moisture monitor. You are highly advised to avoid placing the entire wood into the water. The device that is used for the moisture detection is not to be soaked. It can destroy the device in few minutes. So, you should be clearly careful in what you are doing with your equipment’s.

Make a water-resistant container:

Try to focus on making on a water-resistant container. This will ensure that the wood will stay soaked in the water. This flat piece of wood will make sure your wood will rest in the container.

You can use a variety of materials for this purpose. Different materials and containers can used to soak the wood into the water so that you can do the desired work that you want to do. The container should be large enough so that you can move the wood into the water and needs to hold water for a longer period of time.

Soak the wood for 24-48 hours:

You should your wood into the water. It’s time to soak the wood into the water so that it can retain water for a longer period of time. The ideal time to soak wood is around is 24-48 hours. You should keep checking the moisture level with a wood moisture monitor. Avoid keeping the wood into the container for longer period of time.

Keep the wood in hot water instead of cool water. The hot water will add the required pressure that will help to soften the wood. This will further permit the wood to be prepared well and as the wood will remain soaked it will be ready to be bent.

Create a mold with very smooth edges:

As your wood is cooling down you can begin the process by creating a mold with very smooth edges. These smooth edges will help you to create the necessary pressure points as the wood will be bending. It is highly advised to remove the edges so that the edging process can start immediately.

Experts either use oversized true or they use a sheet of metal to make a mold so that they can bend the wood easily.

Clamp the piece of wood to the mold:

After you have clearly soaked the piece of wood you can clearly use a clamp to mold the piece of wood after that you can use a bending process. There are many ways through which you can use a mold to bend the wood into your desired shape.

There are many methods through by which you can mold the wood. You can either use clamps or you can also use store bought clams that are without molds. You can also use a strap to secure your wood into piece so that you can start the molding and bending process.

You should allow the wood to dry. This will help the wood to bend. Let it dry. This can be checked with the moisture water level checker. Keep checking the level of the moisture so that you can start the process straight away.

It is highly advised that you should always keep the humidity level to the minimum so that mold as well as the other fungus could not grow in the wood. This would help you to create the ideal architecture you want to create. A soggy wood as well a very dry wood can damage the wood. A dry wood can be on the verge of breaking while a soggy can be very soft.

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How To Curve Wood with Water by Using a Steam Box

This is a recommended method for how to mold wood. This method is preferred by using a steam box. In this way your wood will be highly moistened by the use of water. It will bend the wood easily. You should bend the wood by using proper tools otherwise the wood can break into several pieces.

Select a suitable wood

You should select a suitable wood to work with. The wood that is being used plays a very vital role in the bending process. A suitable wood would help to soak the wood.

Check the initial moisture level of the wood

You should check the initial moisture level of the wood that is being for the bending process. You can use various instruments that are available. These are the general guidelines that you have to follow no matter what as they will set the direction of your bending process.

Make A Steam box:

Before understanding how to bend wood into a circle you should have to learn that how to make a steam box.

Making a steam box is one of the hardest processes. A steam box can be made by using different processes. This is one the most recommended method out there. There are many tutorials that can be viewed to choose the right kind wood that would do the wood for you. You can also go to the woodworking shops and the hardware stores to do so.

When you are making the steam box you should make sure that there should be a hole in the steam box and there should be a opening there also so that the pressure could escape from there. The wood would be bent easily without damaging the wood itself.

If you can’t make a steam box. No problem! You can also buy a new one. The steaming process can take up to 48 hours a day. If you steam the wood for every hour, it can bend every 2.5 cm when it is steam. It can’t take more than a day.

The temperature of the wood should be around 212 degrees or it should be 100 degrees Celsius. This kind of temperature would keep the wood in the right place. It would not only make the wood soft but also it would also make the wood malleable so that it can be bended very easily. It will prepare the wood for the bending stage.

Aloe the wood to dry, Clamp the wood into the desired shape and you are good to go. You should also create a mold with a smooth edge so that the steam wood can be molded easily. The soaking process works the best if instructions are followed easily.

A bend wood can be used for a lot of processes. IT can also be used in carpentry as well. A bend also adds a unique touch to your regular wood. The bending process is not easy to perform but it can years to your wood span life if you go with the right process or method.

We can find the right method to bend the wood. You don’t need to be technological advanced to bend the wood. A piece of wood can be bended easily depending on the fact that a wood has all the physical properties that one can imagine. It can alter its shape with the help of external factors such as temperature, tension and pressure.

You can do wonders with this process if you are willing to go the extra mile.

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What we have learned ?

We have learn how to bend wood with water. Now we can make it curved, warped, soaked, circled, flexible, trimmed & molded by using hot water and the steam. Furthermore these soften, bow, twisted and thinned lumber use in making furniture and the moulding. Moreover we can shape any type of hardwood, plywood by heat.

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