How to Propagate Monstera Deliciosa?

This guide is about How to Propagate Monstera Deliciosa Plant Baby in water at house, without damaging its Aerial Roots in 4 Easiest Steps.

To all those people who are wondering about how to propagate monstera, it’s quite easy for all the plant lovers and takes care of these live savers like their own child. Today we present you the ultimate guide to about how to propagate monstera & can make more babies in your home.

How to Propagate Monstera in Just 4 Easiest Steps in Your Home

Whats Monstera Deliciosa?

 You might be wondering how to propagate monstera in millions. Monstera deliciosa which is also known as the Swiss cheese plant is a creeping vine that is grown in places like gardens. It’s a very popular houseplant and is used by many people all around the world. It has long aerial roots. They look like tentacles. Moreover, they can easily thrive in any other place and Monstera can be easily propagated in other means like soil. They can also be grown through air layering, cuttings, and seeds.

Propagating Monstera

Growing Monstera can be tricky for a lot of people. When I grew Charles (My baby Monstera) was quite hard for me. I needed a lot of Charles J (offspring’s of Charles) to make my home look beautiful and green. I wanted my Monstera to look green and nice. It was quite big. So, the only solution was to make baby Charles out of it. Pruning as well as propagating help in the healthy growth of the plant. My ultimate goal for the Monstera was to make it taller rather than wider. Everyone likes to have more plants in their home, isn’t it?

How to propagate monstera

There are many ways through which you can propagate a Monstera deliciosa this plant is also called the Swiss Cheese Plant. I gathered a lot of tools and then started cutting the Monstera the way I wanted. Then I cut off the giant stem. I also choose to select the rotting method because there are a lot of them. The simplest method I choose was to select a plant that had a nod and it can be immediately immersed in water to grow it properly. It’s a clear opportunity to grow the plant like you want to. There must be two petioles (for best results) and as many leaves as possible to grow the plant. Avoid using a single leaf stem because it won’t reap the results you want. The segment that I selected had a node and also a petiole with abundant leaves to grow so that my baby Charlie won’t die. Enticing the root is the most beautiful and captivating part

First, find the node:

You have to find the node first. This will require you to find the node on the plant. This little node will be the life lifeline of your new plant or in my case, it was for Charlie. This little nod will turn into a root. It looks like a pimple on the plant and is often located at the petioles of the plant.

Snip the Stem:

You also need to snip the stem. With the help of sharp sheers. You need to cut in such a way that the leaves, node, and stem are all included in one part of the stem. After you have successfully made a cutting of a plant you need to wash the separated part with filtered water.

Remove the extra leaves monstera:

You also need to remove any kind of additional leaves from the plant. two-three leaves will suffice. Any leave more than that should be removed immediately.

Place the monstera baby plant in a water jar:

You need to place the plant in a water jar. First, you need to clean the jar thoroughly with warm or clean water. Don’t use water that has chlorine in it because it can easily destroy your plant.

Make the monstera plant stand upright:

Always keep in mind that you need to keep in the plant upright position. You should always go for a rig that has a twist in it. Getting a taller jar might also help. A simple tip will be keeping the plant rested on the wall of a jar.

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How to air layer your propagate Monstera plant

  • Step 1: Another method that you can use is to air-layer your plant by using moss. Don’t use dried moss. It can ruin your hands however you can use wet moss so that it won’t get stuck on your hands. The moss that you will be using would be Sphagnum moss. Dried moss can put stains on your hands. Plastic wraps along with twisty ties can help you in the long run.
  • Step 2: Now, what you need to do is to make an incision cut on the monstera stem, it should also include your node. The incision or the cut that you have made must be below your leaves your need and a small considerable part of a stem.
  • Step3: You should wrap your roots of the plant with the moistened sphagnum moss.
  • Step4: However, you must wrap that bundle that you have made with plastic and secure it with small threads. Keep in mind that the root might not stay enclosed in plastic wrap for long. After that, you will see the roots might develop from the nod within a couple of months. Every week you need to unwrap the plastic and moisten the roots. Spray bottles might work best for such purposes.

In a couple of months, you might see new roots coming from the plant. You would also see new roots coming from the plant in the moss package. You might also need to cut few unnecessary leaves that might grow. Keep the number of leaves minimum so that the plant might grow sufficiently.

After nine months you will see significant improvement. Your little plant will grow significantly. You can give them any name you like because they will be the best plant that anyone can have in their lifetime. They grow significantly once they are nurtured.

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What affects Monstera propagation success?

Propagation success mainly depends upon the conditions that you put your plant into. Keep the node, stem, and leaf with the cuttings for maximum success. Always keep your plant in sunlight.

Time of the year:

Time of the year on which you are propagating the plant. Always keep in mind that growing seasons are best for such endeavors. The Spring season is best while winter is not good to start any kind of propagation. During, the winter season plants are usually very slow.

Time Frame:

Patience is the ultimate key to propagate your plant. It overall takes about nine months to see the significant changes. Some planets can go the long dormancy periods. Spring is the ultimate season in which you will see the rewards of your cuttings.

Light and temperate:

Light and temperature play a major role in the growth of a plant. The warm temperature along with sunlight is very important for the Monstera. These plants always need a head start. For the head start always use a heat pad. The propagation process is fastened due to this.


Moisture plays a very important role in the growth of the plant. These plants must be kept in moisture. You can use a water bottle spray for that. Always feed the soil once every week. Covering them with a plastic bag can hinder the growth of the plant significantly.

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What parts of a Monstera will propagate?

If you are still confused about which parts of the Monstera we must propagate then you should know that Monstera can be easily propagated from the stem cuttings. Always look for the part of the Monstera that has at least one node. These nodes are brownish. You might see new leaves coming from these nodes. You should always look for nodes that have one node.

What parts of Monstera won’t propagate?

There are a lot of parts of Monstera that might not propagate. These include:
• Roots and the aerial roots that have no stem.
• Leaves that have no stems.
• The stem of the plant has no leaves and no nodes.

What will help a Monstera cutting establish quickly?

If you want Monstera to grow faster and quicker than your cutting must include all the necessary parts of a plant that you can think of. These parts consist of stems, leaves, and nodes that are considered very important if you are trying to grow a plant from scratch.

What affects propagation success?

Propagation success mainly depends upon the conditions that you put your plant into. Keep the node, stem, and leaf with the cuttings for maximum success. Always keep your plant in sunlight.

How to root monstera cuttings?

Many of you might be wondering about taking a Monstera cutting? You can root monstera cuttings by air using several techniques. These include immersing the plant in water with nodes and leaves along with a stem. Another good way to propagate your cutting might be air layering.

How to take cuttings?

Idea cuttings from the monstera include stem, leaves, and a node. A cutting should always have these important parts like stem, leaves, and node. You should always use stem cuttings to propagate the Monstera. Making cuttings from your plant becomes quite easy in such cases. Cuttings from a plant can grow easily. They can make their roots easily in the compost. Rooting Swiss Cheese Plant Cuttings can become difficult sometimes. So try to add compost every time you are making a baby plant from an old plant.

How to Propagate a Swiss cheese Plant by Seed?

You can propagate a Swiss cheese plant by germinating it in a tray. You need to place the seed in the tray. Always make sure that you need to place more than one seed in a tray to help them to grow faster. Reasons to put more than one seed in a tray include if one seed doesn’t grow then you can grow the other seed quite easily. Always try to work on more than one seed at the same time.


This guide was about How to Propagate Monstera Deliciosa Plant Baby in water at house. Where we have learned 4 easiest propagation method without damaging its Aerial Roots.

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