How To Put Out Electrical Fire?

Know how to put out electrical fire in the best way (without a fire extinguisher & water) and how will you to prevent it.


How to put out electrical fire? Is a very important thing that every person in the house must know. Moreover human changed the world completely, everything have come onto the machine. Thousand electrical appliances are running in the house now days so one must know about how to put out electrical fire.

I will tell you each and every method which would help you to put out electrical fire completely in simple way. Just you have to choose the method and have to follows all the steps. Furthermore, I guarantee you that will all these method works one hundred percent.

How to Put Out Electrical Fire 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

How to Put Out Electrical Fire If an Electrical Fire Starts

Don’t need to be panic if you found an electric fire into your house or even into your office or working place.

How to put out electrical fire
How to put out electrical fire

Method one: Cut of an Electric supply

Don’t be need to panic the situation if you find an electric. Just you need to find out the ways to cut down the power supply so that you can put out electric fire.

These are the possible ways to cut off an electric supply

Unplug the electrical device

If you want to put out an electrical fire suddenly then plug out the device fastly So that it cut off the power supply. And in this ways you can extinguish the electrical fire within a second

Switch off the Device

What if the plug of the device is also damaged by the fire?  Before fire damage more you have to must switched off the circuit.

Turn off the main power supply of that particular room from board

What if the both circuit and plug have been both damaged by the electrical fire? Then you have to must turn off the main the circuit board of that particular room.

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Method Two: Find out sodium bicarbonate

If you working in the kitchen and find out a little electrical fires then fastly pick up any soda that contain sodium bicarbonate. After that pour this sodium bicarbonate powder evenly on the fire so that it extinguish. Truly it is one of the easiest and the simple way to put out electrical fires.

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Which sodium bicarbonate i recommend?

i suggest you the baking soda which is the one the best sodium bicarbonate

Method Three: Cut of an Oxygen supply

Most important thing that i would tell you about the fire is that it need oxygen to live. If you are related to science field then you know this. Now we have to find the way to cut of the oxygen supply to extinguish the fire. These are the 100% working way through which you can put out electrical fire.

Find out Thick Blanket

Thick blanket is my top priority to cut off the oxygen supply fast. If you find an electrical fire at home in your store room or even in the hotel room then try to find out the thick blanket. Then put it on the fire in such a way that it’s cover completely. In this way its cut off the oxygen supply.

You have to keep this in mind it work only on C type fire. C type electric fire are electrical appliances fire.


If you don’t cover the fire completely it would badly burn the whole blanket completely

Method four: Find out fire extinguisher

Mostly fire extinguisher that are present in the offices and the home are for multi purposes. You have to must ensure about it before using it either it has label type c or not. Because type c fire known as electrical fire.


If type C is not written on the fire extinguisher then it wouldn’t work properly. Then you have to choose the other way that i have tell you.

What thing you must avoid while to put out electrical fire?

This thing you have to must keep it in your mind if you find an electric fire. You should not use water to extinguish the fire. You should keep it in your mind.

What consequences you will find if you use water?

First consequences that you will find is that it will make electrical fire more dangerous. As we know water is an electrical conductor so it will increase the fire to more area as the water flow.

When fire will increase it will burn more flammable material. So in this way fire will get out of the control

And when it will potentially ignite the flammable material then it will burn you severe also

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If You Are Unable To Put Out the Electrical Fire

One thing you have to keep it in your mind musty is that not need to be panic. But what will you do? If nothing happen to the fire after doing all these method. You have to follow all these steps strictly, if fire get worse

    Without taking any further risk you must have get out the accident place immediately. Because life is much important than the money and the luxury electrical devices.
    As you come out of that particular place Call 911 immediately
    Keep wait for the emergency department. And don’t enter to that place until emergency department reached
    Before running out of the room keep ensure that you have closed the door of that particular room.

How To Stop Electrical Fire From Happening

    Keep ensure that electrical outlets are not overloading. If it happening then immediately call to your local electrician.
    Don’t run your air conditioner and heating units on the extension cords.
    Keep ensuring your electrical wire and notice them. If you find any wear or fraying of wire immediately call to your local electrician. And fix it out.
    Immediately call to your electrician if you smell any type of burning smell from plug , wire and electrical appliances.
    Don’t use your heater next to the flammable material. Moreover don’t use them overnight.
    If you are using fixture or the lamp then use the bulb according to their wattage. I recommend you to use the light wattage bulb.
    child precautions must be present near to electrical circuit and board and wire.

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Final Verdict

In this we have learned that how to put out electrical fire in the best way (without a fire extinguisher & water) and how do you to prevent it.


What is the quickest way to put out a fire?

If you find out a grease fire then no other method will work fast rather than to put some enough amount of salt or baking soda on the grease fire. As a result grease will absorb this all soda and put the fire out.

But another thing that you should must keep it in your mind is that you should not use water and flour. Because it will give you a relief as we all know that water doesn’t mix with the oil and on the other hand flour will make the fire worse.

Other than this you can use fire extinguisher, which is the best option

Can you use flour to put out an electrical fire?

One thing that you shouldn’t use while to put out electrical fire is the flour. Other than this, you can use baking soda and fire extinguisher of type C.

Can you use water to put out an electrical fire?

Not at all, you can’t use water while extinguishing electrical fire as it will make it more badly. On the other hand it will damage you severely as it will make you electric conductor. So don’t think about the water while put out an electrical fire.

Can salt put out a fire?

Yes salt can put out a fire completely. But you have to be more precaution while using it.

What things can put out a fire?

These are the 7 thing that you can put it on the fire if want to extinguish it
• Water
• Chemical compound
• Flame Inhibitors
• Blanket
• Fire Extinguishers
• Safety Strategies
• Fire Extinguishers

Can you use sand to put out an electrical fire?

Yes without a doubt you can use the sand to put out electrical fire quickly.

What would cause an electrical outlet to catch fire?

These are the 5 major causes that can cause electrical fire
• Running cords under rugs
• Outdated appliances
• Faulty electrical outlets
• Old devices
• Removing the grounding plug from a cord

How common are electrical fires?

Whether it is the residential settings or the commercial, electrical fires are common in both of these. A report has comes from electrical safety foundation international that shows that more than 50,000 house get that accident every year. Moreover every year 1,400 injuries and 500 deaths occur due to electrical fires.

How fast does an electrical fire spread?

Normally electrical fires take just 30 seconds to get worse. Furthermore, if you want to see thick smoke then it will just take a single minute from you.

What are the signs of an electrical fire?

These are the 7 sign of electrical fire that you have to keep it in your mind
• Buzzing Outlets
• Loose Receptacle Connections
• Sparking Outlets
• Hot Outlets
• Electrical Shocks
• Flickering Lights
• Crackling Outlets
• Scorched Outlets
• Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers


We have learned that how to put out electrical fire in the best way (without a fire extinguisher & water) and how will you to prevent it.

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