How To Use an Electric Planer?

This guide is about how to use an electric planer power tool on wide boards & table top wood. In which you will learn best handy-techniques. If you have any query about the electric planer which is also known as the power planer then our ‘how to use an electric hand planer will make things easy for you. We would discuss it here.

An Electric planner is used widely used by craftsmen to alter the shape and the size of the wood and its parts. You must be wondering ”how to use an electric planer” It’s an all-in-one sander with a jointer that is binded together to make an all-in-one product which is an ”electric planer”. Our easy guide for the how to use an electric planer’ will make things easier for you.

Its wide application of Electric Planer includes making the door unstuck when it swells due to humidity and change in season. However, its other application includes making doors, corners, drawers smooth when they are difficult to use.

How to Use an Electric Planer  (Ultimate Guide 2021)

Construction of an Electric power planner

  • I have inspected the power planer. Just like the hand planer, a power planer rides on a shoe which is a soleplate.
  • Same like a jointer, a planer has blades that are exactly mounted on the cutter head or a drum that spins at 20,000 RPM.
  • It removed the wood with the exact thickness that it has between the front shoes and the rear shoes.
  • A Power Planer has a double grip.
  • The back grip is used to provide the power planer with the stability that you need when you are making the wood plane smooth.
  • The gauge at the front side is used to change the depth of the cut that is taking place on the wood.
  • You should however learn how to make the right cut.

How to use a power hand planer on wide boards:

  • Those people who are looking for power plane usage for wider boards can use it.
  • Power planer on a wider board means you can use it to remove paint stains, surface-level stains, and protective coatings.
  • A power planer can be used to smooth out the tabletops as well as smoothen cuts dents or gouges.
  • There are various ways through which you can get your power planer steady and smooth.
  • It can prevent damages to your blades.
  • Always use a rag that is soaked in water to remove all the necessary debris that is there on the surface.
  • However, you must remove any type of debris that’s in the path of the wood planer. Any type of nail, metal fasteners along with sharp objects can destroy your power planer.
  • You must always use the power planer in the direction of the grain that is used on the table. There should be a 45-degree angle that should prevent the damage.
  • However, you might be wondering about the right cut that should be made on the wood.
  • If you know there are points on the tabletop that need to be tapered down then you can use a marker to label them.
  • You won’t get frustrated while using the top planer if you mark the right spots at the right time.
  • You won’t get frustrated while using the top planer if you mark the right spots at the right time.

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How to use an electric planer to trim a door

  • A power planer can be used on a floor also if the surface gets uneven.
  • Leveling along with the resurfacing can be the two things that make the power planer one heck of a product to have.
  • Debris can be easily controlled while using a power planer.
  • It’s always recommended to clean the surface that is being used for leveling purposes.
  • If you haven’t secured the area while using the electric or power planer then it can affect your power planer performance on the floor area.
  • You have to remove all the fastened bolts, joints, your kid’s toys, and not forgetting your wife clips that can cause real damage to your gear.
  • When you will be removing the protective coatings then it can affect the working of your blades that are in the power planer.
  • From time to time you might also complete the cleaning of your product. This means a frequent check of your power planer.
  • Your blade can become clogged due to the overuse of the power planer. So, it must be cleaned from time to time to prevent frequent mishaps and clogs.
  • A hand or an electric planer can be therefore used to smooth out the rough surfaces while maintaining the overall look of the plain wood surface.

How to use an electric planer used on the ceiling joints:

  • If you are looking for an electric or a power planer that can remove joists from the ceiling of your home then a power planer might be the right fit for you. Wooden frames on which your walls and ceiling stand can take a real beat when you are renovating your home, so it is always advised to remove those plane boards and ceilings from these wooden frames to prevent frequent damages.
  • You must always have the right footing for the renovation of your ceiling.
  • You can use two reinforced ladders on which you will place your wide boards. However, you might also need to replace your platform upward and downward while removing the joists from the ceiling or walls.

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How to use an electric planer for a Jo-inter repair:

  • Those of you who might be thinking about how they can repair the joiner with the help of an electric planer can use this planer wisely.
  • If you are living in a home with a small space or you have a small home that has a lot of furniture then this ready-to-plug and play Electric planer can do wonders for your job.
  • It is highly economical along budget-friendly which makes it a right fit for novice workers that are willing to spend money on the right product or planers.
  • You just need to keep the wooden plane upright while joining the edges.
  • This might also include securing the surface with fasteners, making it steady while doing your work.
  • If you keep the surface at the 90-degree angle and then run the electric planer it will be as smooth as a butter but keeping the surface on the horizontal surface is always the right choice when you are using the electric planer.
  • You should always use clamp boards on each side to make your surface steady and fastened.
  • If you are considering using an electric planer then you might also need to buy a jig body or a jig fence.
  • There are a lot of attachments that can be used to make your required designs.

Professional’s tips

 You should always keep one side of the electric planer open so that it should not get the debris caught in the electric planer. There might be another tip that should be kept in mind while using the electric planer. Adjustments knobs can be used frequently to keep the tabletops and wooden surface steady.

Major purposes of using Electric planer

Straighten Joist irregularities:

  • You can always use the electric planer to straighten out the irregularities that are there on the wood surface.
  • You can label the spots with a marker and then take out the uneven stuff and then make it even.
  • They will get flat overtime when you will start using the electric planer.
  • Joists will get smooth with the use of an electric planer.
  • Chip deflector is going to deflect the chips from the face when you are working.
  • It becomes a valuable accessory when you are chipping away the uneven surface including softwood, hard word, deodar wood, spruce wood, and pine wood.

Best for old houses and walls:

  • If you are living in a house that requires remodelling then this tool can come in real handy.
  • You can prepare the house whenever you want and however you like. It can be also used for drywall’s.
  • Uneven walls can easily be made straight by using this tool.
  • It makes the necessary noise, all of my room was filled with shavings but it’s all worth it.
  • It chewed all the uneven wood and made it smooth like butter.
  • My experience was like a knife running over butter.

Time-saving tool:

it’s a one must time-saving tool to have. You can shape the post desk easily with it.

You don’t need to put in hard labor whenever you make every corner perfect.

I incurred a problem where I came to know that my door edges were out of shape.

As I live in a very cold area and this happens frequently. My son told me that he saw scribing cabinets that were out of order. Similarly, many countertops needed a touch from my electric planer. Immediately switched it into my socket and went to make those corners and countertops as smooth as I can. It took me an hour to Scribe cabinets, bevel door edges, and countertops. There will be countless applications of such a product.

Let’s discuss more below.

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Professional’s tips

  1. If you press the planer downwards at the end then the power planer can give the wood an unnecessary deep cut that will destroy the upper surface.
  2. If you put too much pressure on the back handle then it can create resistance and your power planer will not run smoothly.
  3. The best practice is to apply pressure at the front handle when you are making the wood surface smooth and then applying pressure at the backside when you have completed your smoothing.
  4. You have to balance the power planer while you are smoothing out the surface. You should keep your foot steady and firm while making the first cut.
  5. Before starting your power planer on the wood. There are some directions that you must keep in your mind. However, you should touch the front side of the power planer to the wood while using it.
  6. Keep the machine plugged in. Adjust the depth of the cut by rotating the knob and then make the desired cut.
  7. The best practice is to increase the cut depth incrementally to get the desired cut.
  8. To avoid ”snipping” firmly keep the power planer steady on the surface like a pilot flying a plane. An unnecessary pressure on the front or the backside can cause harm to the wood.
  9. The final smoothness of the cut will depend on the depth of the cut. 1/8 is considered ok, while for the ultimate smoothness 1/64 or 1/32 is the one that is recommended for ultimate results and precision.

Safety Tips:

  1. It’s a must to protect your eyes while using the gear.
  2. You can protect your hearing by using this safety gear such as ear protection headphones or earplugs.
  3. Moreover, You can protect yourself and your children from any mishaps or from any kind of damage by turning the power hand planer in an upward position.
  4. Furthermore, You can have this done while the spinning blade stops turning. Always keep the blade in your sight. You can also place a wooden block over the blade to avoid any damage to your hand.
  5. Always try to stabilize your platform on which you are working. Try to place a wooden plan on two ladders, and then do your work.
  6. Your neighbors would always keep an eye on the eye for the masterpiece that you have.

Recommended gears for the Electric planers:

Several gears can be used by power planers, these are:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Extension Cord
  • Dust Pan
  • Hearing Protection
  • Dusk Mask

Do not forget you might also need a power planer! 🙂

Product category best for Electric Planer:

  • There are a lot of product categories for which Power Planer can be used for. These product categories might include products like fences, outdoor decks, furniture, and tabletops.
  • Any of the wooden products that are mentioned above can be subject to heat, moisture along overexposure to the sun can destroy the wooden surface of the tabletops, furniture, and fences.
  • You might also clean any surface that is made of wood to prevent any harm to your power planer.
  • All obstacles including small objects must be removed from the floor and vice versa.
  • The wooden surface or the tabletop must be completely dry before you use the electric planer.
  • Accidental damage to your wood planer or electric planer can easily be prevented by using the electric or wooden planer wisely.
  • If you have limited space along with very small objects then an electric planer might be the right partner that you are looking for.

Adjusting the front handle knobs:

While adjusting the front handle knob, you must always keep the front knob adjustment in mind while you are adjusting the depth of the cut. Increasing your speed by using an electric planer might be another benefit of the electric planer. You must keep all these aspects in mind while using the electric planer.

There might be a lot of ways through which an electric planer or a power planer can be used; this includes altering the usage of the electric planer while attaching few attachments to it. Higher points on the wooden surface can be easily be used by using an electric planer.

The most important benefit of the wood planer is that it can get the required work done in the shortest amount of time while keeping the precision and handiness intact. You don’t need to worry about the electric planer causing ‘ ‘snipping” which is the biggest problem of the electric planer.

Carpentry vs Woodworking

What to do when your blades get dull:

  • Your blade might get dull or nicked due to frequent usage.
  • There might be a fire hazard or foul smell if you keep using the dull blade.
  • Dull blades make it very hard for the electric planer to operate. If you start experiencing sawdust instead of saw shavings then you might be making a mistake!
  • Always use new blades frequently that are tightly bolted into the power planer.
  • However, there might be grooves left on the surface due to unnecessary usage of the power planer.
  • Read the instructions carefully while changing the blade. If you don’t know how to change the blade, always seek professional help.
  • Keep the power planer un-plucked while changing the blade.

On the other hand, unnecessary vibration from the power planer can destroy your precious wood.

On the other hand, some of the power planers have blades that must be reshaped and refurbished frequently.

Whetstone can be used from time to time, On the other hand, carbide, mini blades that are disposable are the best find for the power planers.

If you are using a power planer then it must be correctly placed. Similarly, power planers with plastic gauge bases are helpful also.


Can you use an electric hand planer on a table top?

● An electric planer can be easily used on tabletops. The surface on which you are using an electric planer must be all dry.
● You must always clamp the table so that it doesn’t move.
● You should always have adequate space so that it should not move sideways.
● Start applying pressure on the front while keeping your hand steady on the back handle.
● You should keep moving forward until the tabletop ends and slightly lift your electric planer upwards to finish your smoothing.

How do you use a corded hand planer?

● A corded hand planer is the same as an electric planer.
● You must just plug in your electric planer into the socket and then make your tabletops, wood surfaces along the wooden edges smooth.
● A corded electric planer always comes in handy when you are not in a mood to use a non-electric planer.

Do Electric hand planers work?

● Yes, Electric hand planers can do wonders for you. If you are looking to start your journey in the furniture industry.
● It can be operated easily while saving your labor.
● Electric hand planers are the wonders of engineering in the modern world.


This guide was about how to use an electric planer power tool on wide boards & table top wood. In which we have learned best handy-techniques.

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