Milwaukee 2803 vs 2804

Working away at home fixes and systems for upkeeps can be testing, particularly in the event that you don’t have the right devices with you. One of the fundamental devices that you ought to have is a seed drill. It is one of the most adaptable apparatuses available, and getting this instrument resembles having three devices in only one device.

The two bricklayers, development laborers, and individuals who frequently home fix and support observe hammer bores extremely helpful. The explanation for this is the different settings that these drills have. They additionally have the ability to fill in as a conventional drill, however, there are a few restrictions, particularly when placing in screws.


With regards to execution, each of the two models from Milwaukee can impeccably with its 60% more power, contrasted, and other hummer drills on the lookout. Every one of them has an absolute greatest force of 1,200 inches per lbs., and that implies that it will assist you with your assignment close by.

Milwaukee 2803 vs 2804 Comparison

Product Milwaukee 2804 Milwaukee 2803
Torque 1200 in-lbs 1200 in-lbs
RPM 2000 2000
Weight 3.2 lbs 3.2 lbs
Durability 5 years 5 years
Dimension 5x9x11 inches 5x9x11 inches

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Milwaukee 2804

Milwaukee 2804-22 is outfitted with a brushless Motor High Power, which is work for this M18 fuel bore driver, This will help give basically 60% more power contrasted with other mallet drills on the lookout. With its Relink In addition to Insight include, you will be guaranteed that this hammer drill will give you only an extraordinary execution. One more beneficial thing regarding this hammer drill is that it is viable with the other M18 frameworks. The Milwaukee 2804-22 is additionally controlled by a Red Lithium XC5.0 battery pack. The battery has the ability to convey double the work for each time you charge it.

This implies that it will have a dependable presentation than different contenders. With the most extreme force of 1,200 in-lbs., it will certainly give you the solid exhibition that you really want to wrap up the job.

Milwaukee 2803

2803-20 is indeed a cordless MOTOR that is built specifically for M18 ½” fuels. It will assist the drill with giving a limit of 60% more power than some other drills available. Milwaukee also included a Relink In addition to Insight to ensure that the hammer drill will provide you with the display you choose. This includes additionally forestalling and securing the battery and the actual apparatus against harm during abuse and such.

Design and Handling:

Milwaukee 2804-22 Versus 2803-22 are impeccably intended to keep going for a lengthy timeframe. They are gotten inside a metal gearbox, for the apparatus to endure rock-solid applications.

Perhaps the best thing about these two is that they all have Driven lights and handles, which will certainly assist you with chipping away at your task without encountering exhaustion because of the ergonomically planned that these two have.

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Battery Power:

Compared to 2803-22, the Milwaukee 2804-22 uses the same Red Lithium XC5.0 battery, which is a powerful battery with the capability of delivering more work for each charge. The life of your battery and also the life of your hammer drill will last longer, which means that you can continue to work more efficiently.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hammer Drill & Drill Driver Video


With every one of these being said between the Milwaukee  2804-22 Versus 2803-22, it is currently simpler for you to pick which apparatus will fill in as the most helpful for the job that you have.

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