Milwaukee M12 vs M18

One of the most renowned names in the power tool industry is Milwaukee, a Hong Kong-based company. Customers highly appreciate the DIY power tools they offer. The brand promises durable and powerful tools for its consumers fulfilling their requirements. Long-lasting power tools are a sense of relief. People hardly invest in power tools if they find them complex, not worthy, or can be used once. Therefore, we see Milwaukee striking each weak point of the customer, ensuring its power tools to be the best fit for their needs.

For this purpose, various comparisons such as Milwaukee m12 vs m18 impact driver, Milwaukee m12 vs m18 drill,

Comparison Chart

While making a purchase, we understand that users don’t have sufficient time to research a tool. So here’s a summarized version of the Milwaukee m12 vs. m18 multi-tool. 

Product Milwaukee m12 Milwaukee m18
Tool type XC high Milwaukee M12 48-11-1880 Milwaukee M18
Battery cell type Lithium-based battery Lithium-based Battery
Voltage 12 volts 18 volts
Weight 0.16 ounces 2.2 pounds
Battery life Limited battery life Extended battery life 
Cordless yes yes
Brushless yes yes
Charge time 60 minutes 60 minutes
Warranty period Five years definite warranty Two years definite warranty 
Length  4.8” 17.94”
Width  2.40” 5.12”
Height  7.0” 7.75”
Torque 17 to 203 Nm 900 ft-lbs
No-load speed (revolutions per minute)  0 to 100 RPM 0 to 400 RPM or 0 to 188 RPM

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The Milwaukee m12 and m18 enable users to drill the holes, fix stuff, build and DIY things, or do any other task. Some everyday tasks such as fastening, drilling, reshaping, building, grating, etc., can be done quickly via these Milwaukee m12 and m18. No doubt, at the industrial level, heavy-duty power tools are required. But domestically, Milwaukee has introduced more straightforward power tools as an alternative. Milwaukee m12 and m18 have the ability to:

  • To dig holes
  • Drill screws.
  • To penetrate through wooden or metal surfaces.
  • To attach anchors with the block holes.

Milwaukee m12 

Milwaukee m12 comes in lightweight and handy equipment. It is a wireless or cordless tool with an extensive battery supply. Its handiness and easy-to-carry ability show its convenience. We see Milwaukee m12 as a perfect tool for on-the-go repairs or construction requirements as there is no fuss of continuous power supply and long and weighty cords. Suitable for smaller jobs. It weighs about 0.16 ounces, and the battery supports the voltage of 12 volts. 


  • Light in weight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Perfect for on-the-go requirements.
  • Perfect for small chores. 
  • Accurate and can do precise fixings.
  • Effortless and are convenient to use.
  • Saves time and money.
  • A 12V m12 battery is enough for small domestic tasks.


  • Not appropriate for heavy-duty tasks.
  • The battery lasts for a shorter time. 
  • Milwaukee m12 works only with m12 batteries. Other batteries can’t be used as an alternative power supply source.

Milwaukee m18

In contrast to Milwaukee m12, we see Milwaukee m18 as a better option. The product is durable, long-lasting, has more battery life and capacitance. The power tool is efficient in heavy-duty tasks and for small chores, making it a perfect combination of domestic and industrial devices. The tool is cordless, so there is no worry about finding a cord nearby to switch it on. Neither you need a continuous power supply for this purpose. Milwaukee m18 weighs about 2.2 pounds and has a battery of voltage 18 volts

Therefore, the tool lasts longer than m12 and shows an efficient performance compared to the ordinary m12. We see the brushless motors in m18 fuel while the brushed ones are present in the m18 power supplies. 


  • Better performance and output.
  • Extensive battery life.
  • Perfect for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Cordless and are suitable to work at places with the limited electrical supply. 
  • The intelligence system of REDLINK maintains the output pressure and power supply. 
  • Has the ability to work in any weather (weather resistant).


  • Shows the output with the M12 battery supplies only.
  • Are not long-lasting.
  • Their performance declined with the increase in usage years. 


The Milwaukee m12 vs m18 provides the similarities and differences between both the tools. Milwaukee m12 vs m18 Reddit helps in this regard. You must have a glance at the pros and cons of both the tools, but while comparing, and we see that m12 is lighter than m18 while the 18 volts battery is present in the m18 and a battery of lighter volts is present in the m12 making the m18 on an upper level. While talking about convenience, no doubt m12 is easier to use, and we find it more friendly than m18. But its limited battery life is a drawback in the front of m18, which has the capacity of extensive battery life. Both the tools are cordless and work on advanced brushless technology. But we see a small level; m12 works ideally, but in the case of an advanced task, m18 is all you want.


Milwaukee hackzall m12 vs m18 reveals that both the tools have lithium-based battery ions and possess a charge time of one hour or sixty minutes. The power source of m12 is cordless and is the same in m18. We see the latest brushless technology is present in both m12 and m18, making them advanced versions of Milwaukee tools. Despite seeing the difference in their dimensions in Milwaukee progress m12 vs m18, we see the exterior of both the tools matched. Both the drill machines are handy convenient and are excellent in their jobs. Customers review them according to the product, which fulfills their requirements. So it is preferred that one prioritize its requirements at first and then look for a better option. 

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After the detailed analysis of Milwaukee fuel multi-tool m12 vs m18, we see the tools, apart from belonging to the same brand, differ in their functions and specs. M12 has 12 volts, while m18 has a power supply of 18 volts. Both tools vary widely in their dimensions as well as weight. We see m18 is significant compared to m12, making it a heavy-duty tool compared to m12. M12 is suitable for small tasks, but if you want to do heavy-duty tasks, m18 is a better option. The brand provides a five-year warranty for the m12, while two years warranty is available for the m18. M18 also has higher revolutions per minute as compared to m12. 


M12 batteries are designed for the Milwaukee m12 range. Therefore, we see that they are specially built to support the power supply of the m12 drill. The m12 has two variations named as a high capacity and compact one. The compact m12 batteries are comparatively 65% lighter and are 50 percent tinier. The run time for m12 batteries is either 2.0 or 3.0 amp. Details of other varieties are also available with their power supplies, as given below.

M12 battery variations  Power capacitance
Redlithium 1.5 amp/hour
Redlithium 2.0 2 amp/hour
Redlithium 3.0 3 amp/hour
Redlithium 4.0 4 amp/hour
Redlithium 6.0 6 amp/hour
Power redlithium 3 amp/hour

M18 batteries only support the m18 tool lines and are unsuitable for other Milwaukee equipment. They provide more power supply than the m12. M18 offers seven distinct sizes and capacitance. They come either in CP versions or XC versions. CP versions are similar to compact batteries. Milwaukee 3/8 impact m12 vs m18 suggests that power capacitance for m18 ranges from 1.5 amp/hour to 15 amp/hour. Therefore, in the Milwaukee jigsaw m12 vs m18, we see the m18 battery lineup is more powerful. 


M12 battery M18 battery
Useful for fewer domestic appliances. Best for heavy-duty m18 power tools.
Easy to carry Have more power capacitance.
Weighs less More battery life.


M12 batteries M18 batteries
Less battery life. Heavyweight makes it challenging to carry. 
Not helpful in longer tasks. Supports only the m18 range. 
Do not have enough power support for more extended usage.  It takes more time to recharge.


The vacuum ranges of Milwaukee also provide the users with more convenience. At the domestic level, we find them suitable for daily needs. The details about Milwaukee m12 vs m18 impact wrench can also provide you with that idea. No doubt m18 has more capacity and has advanced technology, but we find m12 suitable per the consumer’s requirement. Sometimes, a heavy-duty tool is not what a customer requires. If you are also looking for a simple vacuum dry/wet, we will recommend you m12. The summary of both m12 and m18 vacuums is listed below.

Specs or features Milwaukee m12 vacuum Milwaukee m18 vacuum
Model  0960-20 Milwaukee 0970-20 Milwaukee
Length 13.7” 17.1”
Weight 10.6 lbs/pounds 11.3 lbs/pounds
Height 11.9” 12.8”
width 8.7” 10.5”
Assurance/ warranty Five years 5years
Canister capacitance 1.6 gallons 2.5 gallons
Turbulence  87dbA 87dbA
Power supply 6.0Ah 8.0 Ah
Runtime  26 minutes 50 minutes
HEPA Filter Present  Present 

Caulking Gun

We have talked a lot about power tools. Apart from the power tools of Milwaukee, we see handheld devices that are also known. Water seals usually break at homes near bathtubs or sinks, so the sir sealants. So to solve your problem, Milwaukee has introduced m12 and m18 caulking guns. We have seen that Milwaukee generally makes the m12 series lighter and the m18 heavy duty. The same pattern is followed here. But as customers are more likely to purchase m18 series in power tools. The opposite phenomenon occurs here. We see people are more into m12 as they are light in weight and have a comfortable grip. M18, the heavier one, is not convenient for everyone to hold and seal the relevant area. Shaky hands, while gripping m18, usually do not offer a proper caulk. 900 lbs force is provided by m18, which is powerful enough to seal broad areas, so m18 is also as useless as you think. 

Grease Gun

Grease guns are separated tools, but they are the tools required for the maintenance of other devices. As you know, they are generally used to lubricate the existing machinery and to reduce friction, which ultimately causes wear and tear of the equipment. So, it is necessary to possess a good grease gun. We have Milwaukee grease gun m12 vs m18 for you. M12 is 14 inches long, while m18 has a length of 20 inches. 8,000 PSI pressure output is generated by m12, while m18 being the immense one, causes the output pressure of 10,000 PSI. Seven grease cartridges per charge are the ultimate runtime of the m12 grease gun, but m18 offers up to 10 grease cartridges per charge. 

Looking upon the competency, we found m12 to deliver 16oz and m18 as 16 oz grease capacity. 

Features milwaukee m12 grease gun milwaukee m18 grease gun
Model  2446-20 M12  2646-21CT M18
Length  14 inches 20 inches
Composition  Metal  Stainless steel
Hose diameter 36 inches 48 inches
Yielded pressure 8000 PSI 10,000 PSI
Grease quantity 14 oz 16 oz
Load 7.2 lbs 9.3 lbs

Which is better? 

So, after Milwaukee m12 vs m18 jigsaw, Milwaukee multi tool m12 vs m18, and Milwaukee tools m12 vs m18, we have concluded so far that Milwaukee introduces m12 and m18 parallelly but differentiates them by making m12 as a lighter one and m18 as a heavier one. It is also a market trend that introduces products to give consumers more variety. Therefore, we would recommend Milwaukee m12 series to the customers looking for lighter-duty tools and Milwaukee m18 range for ones looking for heavy-duty chores. It should be noted that all power tools should be kept according to the precautions written on them.

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